‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Jake Harris Arrested For Felony DUI And Drug Charges

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Former Deadliest Catch star Jake Harris is back in jail again. This time, the late Captain Phil’s youngest son has gotten himself into a heap of legal trouble that is going to be very difficult to get out of without jail time. What happened to Jake Harris?

Jake Harris Tries To Outrun Cops In A RV!

Jake Harris’ troubles began on January 23 when he tried to out run the police in a RV. According to TMZ, Jacob Charles Harris, better known as Jake Harris, was in Skagit County, Washington when park rangers tried to pull him over. Harris refused to “identify himself.” Instead, he decided to take off, and make the state troopers chase him down.

It is no surprise that law enforcement was able to catch up with the RV and stop Jake. You would think that this would be the worst problem that Jake had to deal with, but it turns out that this was just the beginning of his legal problems.



Police Find Drugs On Jake Harris, And Signs He Was Using Drugs

When the officers did manage to see Jake up close, they immediately saw telltale signs of drug use. He had “pinpoint pupils, bloodshot eyes and pale face.” He was also talking very rapidly, and his body was shaking uncontrollably. So, it was no surprise when the K9 officer alerted the police officers that there were drugs in the recreational vehicle.

Inside the RV, the police found the illegal substances. This included about 14 grams of heroin and drug selling paraphernalia. There were no details as to what those items were, but it could be assumed they discovered some sort of scale, vials, miniature spoons or other assorted items that identified Jake as someone who was dealing drugs.

Jake pretty much confirmed this occupation, as the police also found a shotgun in the vehicle. Jake claimed that he purchased the weapon for $150 and a “ball of heroin.” Turns out, the gun was stolen and Harris was immediately arrested.

Charges Against Jake Harris

Jake was charged with four felonies, with bail set at $200,000. This included possession of a stolen firearm, DUI, maintaining a vehicle for drug trafficking and possession of a controlled substance. Adding to the four felonies is the charge that Jake was driving on a suspended driver’s license.

Based on TMZ, it appears that the brother of Cornelia Marie captain Josh Harris is still in jail. According to their social media, the Cornelia Marie just returned home from Opie season. The Deadliest Catch captain has not said anything publicly about his 33-year-old brother’s legal issues. Then again, he didn’t say anything the last time Jake ran into some legal issues.

Not The First Arrest

In the spring of 2017, Jake Harris was arrested for stealing a vehicle in Phoenix. He had taken a road trip with a female friend, and the next day, took off with her vehicle. She called the cops, and they found Jake at a Circle K gas station nearby. The police asked the former Deadliest Catch star to empty his pockets, and out came some meth and Xanax. Jake had accused the woman of putting the meth in his pocket, and said that the Xanax was from a prescription, but he threw out the bottle.

Later, his story changed, and he said he bought both on the street. He was arrested, made bail, but it was later reported that he didn’t show up for court. Soon, there was a warrant out for his arrest. It could be believed that he lost his driver’s license due to this incident, but at this time, there is no way to confirm this.


What is next for Jake?

Deadliest Catch fans have long wanted to see the reunion of Captain Phil’s two sons on the Cornelia Marie. Josh Harris has repeated said that Jake is working on his addiction issues. Devoted fans have been holding out hope that this was past him. TV Shows Ace even reported in November that there were rumors that Jake would return to the Discovery show, if he wanted to. Yet, after this recent development, this possibility now seems far away. His father, Captain Phil, really believed that Jake had what it took to be a great crab fisherman, and even envisioned his son being captain one day. But it appears that Jake’s addiction, that Phil Harris learned of during his last days on the Cornelia Marie, is still as serious as it was when Captain Phil found his son taking his pain pills on the show.

Jake is not the only crab fisherman dealing with addiction issues. Fans may recall that in 2017, Summer Bay deckhand Nick McGlashan also dealt with his own addiction issues. He is now clean, but the road to sobriety was not an easy one.

What could possibly be next for Jake Harris? Could he be facing jail time or more treatment? Please share your opinions or thoughts about Jake’s arrest in the comment field below. The Deadliest Catch will return to Discovery sometime in April.

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    1. It’s a shame. Jake was always cocky and Josh always timid. The amount of times watching Josh turn over the wheel to Casey because he wasn’t ready to handle rough seas or night fishing was getting depressing. But, Josh turned a corner and now has Phils knack ( Casey calls it Luck! Lol ) for finding the crab and running the boat in any condition. When Jake first started with the drugs, you could tell it was going to be a long road. Phil would be so disappointed.
      But, maybe some jail time to dry out and ponder his poor decisions will be a way back for him.
      Jake, Edgar, Nick, and other Deadliest Catch fisherman are dealing with their addictions and are right now very successful. I wish the best for Jake, he needs to humble himself first, then admit to his addiction and then, and only then will he have a path back to life, and hopefully the Cornelia Marie with Josh and Casey.

  1. I hope Jake gets the help he needs with his drug addiction to get clean and from their join his brother on the boat and keep him working

  2. Jake needs to grow apair and own up to his problems. He comes from better stock than he is displaying at this time. Rehab hasn’t done it in the past so maybe jail time is what he needs to grow up.

  3. Jake cannot and should not live his life in guilt. You can live and learn from regret. But guilt, is the pit, forgive yourself. God bless you.

  4. Jake is an addict who likes being an addict. Until he reaches the lowest of lows he’s not going to be willing to give up the life which he wants to live right now. As long as he has constant money coming in he will stay in throws of addiction. To bad that he’s had more privileges than he deserves. He has so many enablers too. I’m glad Phil is not here to see the path that Jake promised him he wouldn’t take and of course did. He’s use to getting away with things and all that needs to stop. At 33 I don’t look to see any positive changes…all you can do is keep him in your prayers, the rest as usual is up to him when he decides that being a junkie is not the best experience to have on a resume. I’m so proud of Josh, he’s had to grow up and have major responsibilities on his shoulders and pretty much all on his own.

    1. You are absolutely right. Until he hits “rock bottom” he won’t change. And as long as he gets his hands in money he will continue to use. I see it all the time. And rock bottom is thinking you lost everything including your family.

  5. thats what you get wehn you get dropped and neglected by you’re borther after you’re father dies. Josh makes a whole scene like oh we want him back but dont forget Josh never helped Jake he dropped him and left Jake to battle his demons alone when he needed help most. such a shame.

    1. Josh took a season and a half away from deadliest catch to deal with Jake and his grandfather passing. He tried to get Jake off of drugs numerous times, only to have Jake steal from him time and time again. Jake will reach his bottom here, and hopefully he’ll come around to NA/AA and find a path back to the Cornelia Marie with Josh and Casey.

  6. A while back, I saw something about Phil Harris’ second wife who mistreated Jake as a child and that is why he has problems today. When Phil was out to sea, Jake would get beaten and tortured. I know it is sad. I just want Jake to straightened out, serve his jail time and get the help he needs. It is not going to be easy, but hope he makes it in the end.

  7. I wish nothing but the best for Jake he’s had to go through a lot in his young life it’s kind of like coming to a crossroads and deciding which way to go Jake please try and turn your life around before it’s too late and your brother will be attending your funeral and trying to hold it all together as he did when your Daddy died don’t force him to have to go through that again there’s just so much one person can take and do it for yourself and for others God bless you Jake and Josh

  8. So so very sad… I’ve always hoped and prayed that Jake would not get so addicted to the evilness of drugs. My heart aches for him and his family.
    I’ll keep you in my prayers for you and your beloved Dads sake. I’d love nothing more than to hear that you have overcome this terrible evil.

  9. Jake thinks it his fault Phil went faster cause he upset Phil. Poor baby has alot to work through and I hope he gets time so he can wake up he is a good guy and good fisherman like his dad and brother all my prayers Jake you can do this. Look to the man above and your dad. Keep the faith buddy. You got this.

  10. What a shame, this young man had so much to look forward to. His father was a inspiration until he found out his secret. Caption Phil was a true partier himself however he showed there was a way back to a great life and career. This addiction affects all races and income levels. I pray that he will find his way back to his brother which seems to be such a nice man.

  11. I’ve have watched Josh work his hind off to keep his dad’s legacy alive. Great job young man you have made your father proud. I’m sorry Jake choose to take another avenue.

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