‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Lala Kent Filming New Movie With Al Pacino

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Vanderpump Rules fans never expected to hear that Lala Kent would be in a movie, it took everyone’s breath away. Not only is she in a movie, but she’s in a movie with Al Pacino. Crazy right? During the first couple of seasons, Lala was on, she did mention wanting to pursue an acting career. On this season, she even had an acting class with Scheana. Maybe Lala is a better actress than we expected.

Details on Lala’s film

On that note, her man, Randall Emmett is one of the producers, that had nothing to do with her getting the role right? Hmm, all the fans are wondering if that played a big role in it. According to IMDb, the movie is about “An American woman named Mildred Gillars broadcast Nazi propaganda during World War II. She was dubbed Axis Sally by the American GI’s who simultaneously loved and hated her. The story plunges the viewer into the dark underbelly of the Third Reich’s hate-filled propaganda machine, Axis’ eventual capture and treason trial in Washington D.C. after the war.” That definitely doesn’t sound anything like the SUR waitress. How good are her acting skills?

Lala’s season on Vanderpump Rules

We’ve seen a lot of drama this season including Lala already. She called James Kennedy’s girlfriend some names she apologized for. She also got into some drama with hostess Billie Lee. There was a lot of drama including the “Girl’s Night” that took place at SUR. Billie claims she wasn’t included because she’s a trans woman, but no one thinks that was actually the case. Lala however, continued to push her buttons which resolved in nothing good. If you watched that episode you’d know they were both overreacting.


This season of Vanderpump Rules has shown us that none of them have grown up, they still fight like teenagers. However, that does make for a good television show, everyone loves some good drama. Everyone hopes to see how good Lala’s acting skills actually are in this movie.

On last night’s episode, the girls are taking a private jet and having a girl’s trip, there will be no drama there, right? Stay tuned with all the drama on Monday nights on Bravo on Vanderpump Rules

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