‘NCIS’ Hints at Cote de Pablo Return With New Ziva David Story Line

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NCIS fans who have long been holding out hope for a Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo reunion are now getting ready for the latest episode of NCIS called “She.” According to the previews. Bishop is investigating a new case that is connected to a case that Ziva worked on nine years ago. Even casual NCIS fans know that Ziva David was killed off six years ago, but her body was not found. Where has actress Cote de Pablo been since she left NCIS in 2013?

What Cote de Pablo Has Done Since NCIS

Cote de Pablo has had a handful of television and movie project since leaving NCIS six years back. After she departed from the show, the Chilean-born actress starred in the television mini-series, The Dovekeepers, in 2015. Based on the historical novel, by the award-winning writer, Alice Hoffman, The Dovekeepers takes place in 70 AD Israel. The CBS religious drama is a story of the events around the Siege of Masada. The Roma Downey/Mark Burnett production stars Cote de Pablo, as well as the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s star, Rachel Brosnahan.

Next, Cote starred in the 2015 Chilean mining movie, The 33, alongside award-winning actors, Antonio Banderas, and Juliette Binoche. In 2016, Cote starred in the Science Fiction movie Prototype. Coming up sometime in 2019 is her next movie, Seneca. Not a whole lot has been revealed about this upcoming release except the IMDb listing that states that it is “A little story about making it big, natural disasters, and being a dad.”

Cote de Pablo And Michael Weatherly Working Together Now

Starring in Seneca is not all that Cote has been working on. She is currently reunited with Michael Weatherly, the actor who charmingly played agent Anthony DiNozzo. According to Variety, the former NCIS co-stars are the executive producers of a new detective drama called MIA. This CBS drama is about a recently graduated female homicide detective, whose new partner is a veteran that does everything by the book, all taking place in Miami. Based on the premise, there appears to be an assumed conflict that she may be a bit of a maverick, but that has not been confirmed by writer and executive producer Shepard Boucher. We do know that the lead has some leftover issues from her final, risky, undercover gig and that may be causing her some issues in her new position.

There is no indication if Cote de Pablo will star in this role, although it does seem tailor-made for the actress who always does her own stunts. There does not seem to be a reunion with Michael Weatherly. Currently, Weatherly is starring on the CBS drama Bull. Although it has been moved to Monday nights for Season 3, there is no indication that CBS will be giving up on the Dr. Phil-inspired show anytime soon.

The title is quite interesting as “MIA” is the airline code for Miami. Yet, “MIA” could also mean “missing in action.” This is an interesting double entendre that may indicate that with the writing of the show, there could be many double meanings in characters and crimes. Right now, there is no information on the cast of MIA or any info on when it will be airing.

Is Ziva David Returning To NCIS?

The extended preview of the February 12 NCIS episode called “She” hints that Code de Pablo could possibly return as Ziva David. Bishop uncovers a photo of a reflection of Ziva taking a photo, during a murder investigation. Is it possible that she is alive? Absolutely. Ziva’s body was never found in the explosion. Just like Adam Newman on the CBS soap, Young and the Restless, who coincidentally also died in a cabin explosion, the “Ziva is alive” rumors will not stop. Fans want to see Ziva and Tony reunited. But what if it doesn’t happen?

Fans will certainly be thrilled, even if Cote de Pablo is seen on the show, perhaps even featured in some new footage, but in scenes from the past, working on that old case. The NCIS writing team has tried their best, but nothing has ever matched the star power of Ziva David. But if the unlikely scenario occurs, and producers use an old soap opera trick and bring Ziva back from the dead, then a Pandora’s box of new scenarios and questions will explode on social media. This would mean that NCIS is totally reborn.

Do you think Ziva David is back on NCIS? Do you want her to return to the CBS show? Have you been keeping up with Cote de Pablo since her 2013 departure from NCIS? Please share your comments and predictions below. NCIS is on Tuesday nights on CBS.

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  1. Yes I want Ziva David to come back, yes I have watched everything she has been in since she left the show. I love Bishop, but no one replaces Ziva.

  2. My 💓 would likely explode with me crying if Tony, Ziva, and Told wetter in a scene together.. The history the full circle to see then and their child with her parents togetherness..oh man… True historical moment for the show…

  3. Please bring closure to the relationship built over years between Tony and Ziva before the series ends. It is what most of us have been waiting on to feel satisfied with the show before it ends.

  4. The show has been going downhill for several years. After Tony left and then Abby…then Ducky….seriously. They need a breath of life brought back into the show. We need the closure of the love story between Tony and Ziva. Just bring them both back for one unforgettable episode and you will have a rebirth of the show and millions of very happy fans who felt jilted by the show for how they ended things. I know Cote wanted to leave but hopefully she would be willing to come back for one more episode…the same with Michael. Give us the closure and the happy ending for two characters we all fell in love with and desperately want to have ride off into the sunset.

  5. I’m a 76-year-old retiree, and I’m not ashamed to say that I STILL miss Cote de Pablo’s Ziva David character. I took my lovely wife out for a nice Valentine’s Day lunch today, and our conversation touched on my question: is Ziva somehow coming back to NCIS? I hope so. Since she’s been gone, frankly, I feel like a puzzle with several pieces missing.

  6. NCIS needs a breath of fresh air and for us die hard fans the return of Ziva would definitely be it! Oh Please Wise One of CBS, bring back Cote de Pablo, really want to see her in action again and maybe spring from NCIS cameo to another cop series.

  7. Yes, bring her back… even if it’s for a short time..let’s see a happy ending for Tony ..Ziva..and their little one. Pleeeeze!

  8. I will share that I never watched NCIS until this summer. Bing watching til the wee hours, I couldn’t help myself! I am a huge fan! I honestly didn’t think I would ever get over the death of Kate, but I fell in love with Ziva. & Tony of course. I wish she and Michael would come back. The show is definitely not the same without them. I miss Abby, Reeves, Kate, many of the characters that have been killed off. Why is that?

  9. The inter-relationship between DiNozzo and Ziva over the years were always one of the intriguing sub plots within each NCIS episode and made for compelling viewing . I have watched / recorded every episode since the beginning and although the present cast of characters is quite good , most of the ones written out were stronger and more believable . Please let us see Tony and Ziva again , even if only for a short time . PLEASE PLEASE ! ( From an Australian fan )

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