Josiah and Lauren Duggar Document Their Date Night

Josiah and Lauren Duggar Instagram

Josiah and Lauren Duggar are soaking up all the love from Duggar fans. They seem to be one of the favorite Duggar couples. We have to agree. They are adorable together!

On February 7, the sweet pair posted a picture on Instagram, documenting their date night. The first picture shared features the couple standing together. In the next one, they’re sharing a kiss.

It isn’t clear who actually posted the photo since the husband and wife share an Instagram account. In the caption, Josiah or Lauren wrote, “How did I ever get someone as special as you?”

Currently, Josiah and Lauren Duggar are in Orlando, Florida. They don’t give any hints as to why, but we’re assuming they’re just taking a trip there. Hopefully, we will see more vacation pictures over the next few days.

In addition, the couple doesn’t share what they’re doing for their date night or where they’re going. In the comments of the post, some of their fans are asking! The couple is fairly interactive on Instagram so maybe they will answer this question later.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar got married on June 30, 2018. From their social media posts, it looks like they’ve been enjoying every minute of it so far.

As of right now, the couple hasn’t announced whether they are expecting a baby. According to a source, they are currently trying to conceive. Maybe a baby announcement is coming next!

Lauren Duggar’s sense of style

Now, this post about Josiah and Lauren Duggar isn’t all about the couple. Fans are making a big deal over Lauren Duggar’s outfit. They absolutely love the way she dresses.

Lauren Duggar is super sweet and takes the time to respond to these comments. When fans ask where she got her clothes from, she makes sure to let them know. A connection like she has with the fans isn’t something that all stars keep up with.

What’s surprising is that many of her clothes come from discount stores, such as Ross. In the past, she’s also mentioned that she buys her clothes on Amazon. She definitely fits in with the Duggar family members who often thrift clothes and try to save money where they can!

This isn’t the first time that Lauren Duggar has been caught looking so good! Other Instagram posts show that she’s always dressed fashionably and modestly. This one even has a hashtag that says “#amazonoutfit”.

Do you think that these two are one of the cutest Duggar couples too? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! Counting On returns to TLC on February 11. Don’t miss Josiah and Lauren Duggar, along with some of the other Duggars!

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