‘The Bachelor’ 2019: Cassie Randolph’s Ex Talks ‘Young Once’ Speculation

Cassie Randolph of The Bachelor

Every season of The Bachelor stirs up controversy over some contestants. Colton Underwood’s season is no different. Reality Steve shared information about Cassie Randolph several months ago. However, there are still many fans who were unaware of Cassie’s participation on another reality tv show. Now that fans are aware and speculating, more information is surfacing, including Cassie’s ex-boyfriend speaking out about the situation.

Reality Steve revealed more information on Cassie Randolph

Reality Steve took to his blog yesterday and earlier today to share details about Cassie’s participation on another reality show called Young Once. According to Steve, Cassie wrapped up filming this show just a few weeks prior to leaving to film The Bachelor. The two shows did not overlap filming at any time, however, Young Once will be airing Mondays as well. Coincidence?

Since this information surfaced there is talk that perhaps Cassie’s intentions on The Bachelor are not as sincere as everyone hoped. While Steve does not know for sure, he is assuming Cassie’s ex did not know she was heading to The Bachelor right after Young Once wrapped up filming. Steve assured fans that knowing Cassie was on another show does not make her a bad person. He simply said it’s a bit shady for her to not disclose it.


Cassie’s Ex-Boyfriend Addressed Young Once Speculation

While some fans slammed Cassie for her participation on another reality TV showher ex came to her defense. Reality Steve shared a statement Cassie’s ex, Caelan, posted on Instagram. In the post, Caelan talks about his on and off again relationship with Cassie. He admits their relationship probably dragged on too long ultimately keeping them from moving on. Caelan said he wishes Cassie nothing but the best.

Caelan also said that he is sure Cassie will eventually reveal her side of the story. He said when she does he will endorse whatever she says because she has no reason to hide anything. He said, “The reality of the situation is that Cassie is a great girl. Her decision to go on The Bachelor was a decisive moment in my life to move forward so why couldn’t it serve as that for her as well?”

Caelan went on to say it was unfair for Cassie to be judged for their past relationship. He hopes that by him speaking out it will let everyone know the truth and leave her alone. Caelan concluded his post by saying, “I thought this would be the best way to preserve the truth and encourage the trolls to check themselves before tearing down a good human being. Life is about moving forward, not dwelling on the past.”


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