Deena Cortese Shares First Mirror Picture Post-Baby

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Two weeks ago, on January 5th, Deena Cortese gave birth to her first son. She and her husband, Chris Buckner, named the little one Christopher John, but they call him CJ.

Since his birth, Deena Cortese has been posting lots of cute pictures of her newborn son. Her fans are all about these updates about her son. Recently, she shared a sweet picture of CJ smiling.

Today, she shared her first mirror picture after her son was born. She’s now two weeks postpartum.

Deena’s caption says, “2 weeks since giving birth to my little man.”  It features two mirror pictures of the new mama.

In the comments, her followers are amazed at how good her body looks already. They’re asking how she lost the baby weight so quickly. Some are even saying that she looks skinnier than she did before she got pregnant.

Since her pregnancy, she has posted photos of herself with CJ. None of those pictures have shown her post-baby body though. This mirror picture was a little bit different because fans can see her back as her normal self.

Deena Cortese hasn’t shared any information about a diet or workout plan that she’s on. Of course, her followers are all wanting to know how she looks so good so fast!

Posts from pregnant Deena Cortese

While Deena Cortese was pregnant, she shared regular “bumpdates”. Her fans loved seeing all of these posts about her growing baby. During her pregnancy, most of her posts were about her pregnancy or preparing for CJ’s arrival.

She made sure to keep her Instagram updated with some of the highs and lows. Throughout the pregnancy, she seemed pretty positive. It’s safe to say that she is over the moon that her son is finally here!

This theme has continued with all the posts about CJ. Again, her fans don’t seem to mind seeing how Deena Cortese is adjusting to motherhood. It will be great to watch CJ grow up through her Instagram account!

Are you loving all of Deena Cortese’s updates about her new baby CJ? What else do you hope to see from Deena this year? Be sure to catch the 3rd season of Jersey Shore when it returns to MTV later this year!

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