‘Chronicle Mysteries’ Starring Alison Sweeney Coming To Hallmark Soon

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Alison Sweeney is returning to the Hallmark Mysteries & Movies Channel with a new series called The Chronicle Mysteries. Unlike her other Hallmark mystery series,  Murder She Baked series, The Chronicle Mysteries is an original script that is catered specifically for her. What do we know about this new mystery series?

Alison Sweeney Plays Alex McPherson

Days of Our Lives alum Alison Sweeney is portraying amateur sleuth, Alex McPherson. Written by Melissa Salmons, Alex is novelist and a podcaster who is investigating a cold case. Obsessed with puzzles and mysteries, she is investigating the unsolved murder is of her childhood friend, Gina DeSavio. Not only is Alex a novelist and podcaster, but she will eventually be the newspaper heir to the Harrington Chronicle through her uncle Miles Lawrence. There, she does her research and is both helped and thwarted by actor Benjamin Ayres, who works at the paper.

Based on the previews, this is like nothing that Hallmark has ever done before. It appears darker and more sinister–more of a true crime story than a frothy romance. The podcast is what Alison Sweeney explains to the International Business Times as one of the new “armchair detective” series. Although not mentioning the extraordinary podcast hit Serial, it appears from the previews that this may be the podcast model of what Sweeney is talking about.

Days Of Our Lives

As of now, three episodes have been filmed, with the first filming in Vancouver back in June. How is it possible that Sweeney, who plays Sami Brady on Days of Our Lives, could do both? She was last seen on the soap in November, then it is presumed she started filming. It is a good thing that they are so flexible and allow Sweeney to act in Hallmark movies.

Another Days alum is screenwriter Melissa Salmons. She has worked with Alison Sweeney on many Hallmark projects. She is not the only soap alum that will be part of The Chronicle Mysteries. Linda Dano, who was in One Life To Live, General Hospital and Another World will be working on this project, but her role is still a secret.


Will Murder She Baked Return?

What about the Murder She Baked series that Sweeney starred in with former GH star Cameron Mathison? Sweeney recently explained to TV Shows Ace that there are currently no plans to return to Eden Valley, Minnesota. She explained that “I loved playing Hannah and I love the idea that she and Mike are off solving crimes together in Minnesota.” What is different about her new Hallmark series compared to the series based on the Joanne Fluke cozy mysteries, are that the stories are already created. With The Chronicles Mysteries, she has a hand in the character development and story arc.

Are you planning on watching the new Chronicle Mysteries series with Alison Sweeney? Do you miss the Murder She Baked series, or would you rather see Alison return to DOOL? Please share your opinions and comments below. The first episode of The Chronicle Mysteries: Recovered starts on Sunday, February 17, 9 p.m./8C.

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  1. I would love to see Alison in anything she does . She is a good actress . Oh yes i would love to have her on Days always but she likes to do new things and well she should . But if she could come back to days more that would be great . Yes would love to see her everyday one Days but i know her movies are great to. I love the Murder she baked ones but these sound good to . What ever she does is great keep up the good work Alison we love you I have watched days since day one and always will and saw you from when u first started . Love Emily

  2. I loved the chronicle mysteries. I got tired of police detective on murder she baked lived the dentist. Please keep making chronicle mysteries they are great. Hope the girl that played your sister is on them also you are great together.

  3. I like the Chronicle Mysteries but Inalsomloved her with Cameron on the Bake shows. She is great in Warner she does but I do it
    Watch DOOL.

  4. The first time I warched Alison was on Murder she baked. I loved the series. I knew she was on DOOL but I am not a soap watcher. We in Toronto Canada won’t get to see the new show till April 7th. I am really looking forward to it.
    I would like to see more Murder She Baked I like to see the relationship progress with Cameron.

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