‘Love After Lockup’ News: Matt Fraiser Is Back Behind Bars

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Love After Lockup star Matt Fraiser has landed behind bars once again. On this season, viewers saw him get released and go home to his moms to live with his girlfriend Caitlin. This couple seemed to be doing well, but she made it very clear that she expects him to work. Now, Starcasm is revealing that Matt is in jail once again. It doesn’t seem like he learned a lesson.

Matt Fraiser’s new arrest

Matt is in jail in Washington now. He was booked into Thurston County Corrections Facility on Friday on the charge of possession of a stolen vehicle. At this time, it doesn’t look like he has a bail amount, so Matt should be seeing a judge before he goes anywhere.

This all started last Friday. Matt got in trouble for a wreck he was in back in December. He was driving during this wreck and had a suspended license. He got charged with it on Friday and did go to court for it on Wednesday. Then the news came out that he was arrested on another charge.

The thing is right now there is no explanation for why Matt was arrested on this stolen vehicle charge. Hopefully, more information comes out soon. Matt and Caitlyn really seem like one of the couples that make the most sense on this season of Love After Lockup. She won’t take him being back in jail again lightly though.

Another Love After Lockup arrest

He isn’t the only person from this show to get arrested again, though. It is pretty common for someone to get out of jail and end up going back. Michael is back in jail as well for getting caught with narcotics. It looks like he didn’t learn his lesson. There is also no proof of which girl he ended up with in the end or if they both dumped him. Viewers should get some kind of update on that at the end of the season.

Are you shocked to hear that Matt Fraiser is back in jail again? Don’t miss new episodes of Love After Lockup when they air on Friday nights on WEtv. Maybe they will address this at the end of the season.

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