‘Fast N’ Loud’ Season 15: When Will Richard Rawlings Return In 2019?

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It has been nearly a year since new episodes of Fast N’ Loud have aired. When will Season 15 start and Richard Rawlings return In 2019? Right now, there is no new information on the show that made the Dallas-based Gas Monkey Garage famous. What we know is that Richard is dealing with legal hassles that appear to prevent them from filming Fast N’ Loud, but not interrupt the second season of Garage Rehab. As of now, there has not been an explanation from Richard nor Discovery. Here is what we know so far.

Richard Rawlings Sued By Former Manager

The owner of Gas Monkey Garage, which is featured in the Discovery show Fast N’ Loud, is being sued by a former employee. According to the Dallas News, the former manager of the Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill filed a $6 million dollar defamation suit. The suit, brought on by Daniel Flaherty, is against Gas Monkey Holdings, Pilgrim Films and Television, the production company behind the hit show, and Rawlings.

The June 2018 suit alleges that Rawlings is trying to get out of his contract by using “deliberate and deceitful attempts” at disengaging himself from the restaurant chain he founded in 2013. They cite that even before the doors opened up, Richard was “disrupting” the construction workers, halting building progress.


Daniel Flaherty VS Richard Rawlings

Once the doors opened up, and bands like Mötley Crüe were booked, Richard was accused of “slanderous” statements and interfering with Flaherty’s ability to run the music venue and restaurant. In the lawsuit, Richard Rawlings is accused of trying to “usurp control” from Daniel Flaherty. This control allegedly included the finances.

The suit alleges that Rawlings accused Flaherty of stealing from him. According to the suit, Flaherty invited Rawlings to come and look at the books himself. Rawlings allegedly refused, as he accused the manager of not keeping books in the first place. The suit alleges that when a third-party attempted to purchase the Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill and Gas Monkey Live, the accusations of theft arose. This deal never happened, nor did an alleged attempt by Richard Rawlings to purchase it himself. This was not because of the accusations, but because he lacked the necessary funds.

In the lawsuit, Flaherty also accuses Richard and his production company of attempting to purchase a Connecticut “entertainment venue” that would be under the Gas Monkey umbrella. The suit alleges that they are “misappropriating” the bar “concept.”

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  1. Rehab is another great show. Richard’s whole team is fun to watch. 3 Crazy Guys helping out good folks. ???

  2. I was looking forward to another season of Richards and Garage Rehab. I like the vision and marketing ideas Richard puts into the garage owners he helps. However, I can’t stand the disrespectful fake fucking ass clown
    Russell Holmes. The guys a no nothing do nothing train wreck and I am not tuning back in unless I hear he perished in a fork lift accident.

  3. Please give me a career Richard, I will do anything, yes a at 52 u think I am done yet with posotive direction I can suceed and only do good for others!

    Tim Tafilica

    1. Lynn…he will be back an in about four months! Here is the latest info: https://www.tvshowsace.com/2019/01/30/fast-n-loud-season-15-richard-rawlings-is-back-what-we-know-now/

  4. I’m jus a fan of both programs they’re fun to watch. I look forward to watching both programs. I like wen they bring back old school cars. Back to life with a modernization look. I also like to see the guys outta there comfort zone. Wut i meen is build sumthing they never dun before. I kno they have dun it before that’s wut I like to see. That’s wen it gets really interesting. Thank u Mr. Rawlins for helping those pple bringing back. They’re garages back to life wen they were have dead. Cheers to u Mr. Rawlins WOOOOOO 🍻

  5. One bring back arron back to the show two what will
    Take to settle out of court
    To bring fast and loud back do it for the fans
    Who watch your reruns.

    1. Ed, I thought the show improved after Aaron left. Hope he doesn’t return. I do miss Casey though.

  6. tell the money stealing sue happy jerks back off and get real without Richard they would have nothing shows great without ak . thank you

  7. Your show went down hill after the 1st season! It turned into the narcissistic Richard Rawlings show ! You never built hot Rods. You were a bolt on man. You were only interested in lining your pockets fr bull shit tequila / bar & grill. Jesse James Punked you out & you ran like a little bitch. You couldn’t fabricate, build a motor. You subbed all of the hard work out to folks who were capable of doing what your skinny jean ass couldn’t do. How your lame ass show lasted as long as it did was a total waste of fans time. Years of dumb ass bolt on self centered cars that other builders would laugh at you built or I should say your no talent crew did. You haven’t a clue on how to build a hot rod much less turn a wrench. It just goes to show how ignorant the people watching you are just that!!

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