‘When Calls the Heart’ Spoilers: Erin Krakow Reveals Details of Elizabeth’s Pregnancy

Erin Krakow with Lori

When Calls the Heart is almost back with new episodes on Hallmark and fans can’t wait for it. There will be a big two hour Christmas movie that will actually air on Christmas Day. Erin Krakow is giving out a few spoilers about her character Elizabeth Thatcher’s pregnancy.

The new When Calls the Heart movie

This new movie will be called When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing. So what is this big blessing? It is Elizabeth’s new baby. When the last season ended, Elizabeth shared that she was pregnant with Jack’s baby. The fans were shocked that Daniel Lissing decided to move on from the show. When he made this choice, the show decided to kill off Daniel’s character Jack Thornton.


Lori Loughlin also shared a few details. She said, “The birth of Elizabeth’s baby is highly anticipated by our fans that have been wanting this for a long time, so I think it is our most magical Christmas movie for sure. It’s very special.” It is still going to be sad that Jack Thornton isn’t there to get to know his child.

Erin teases spoilers

Erin also teased a few spoilers. One big thing is that there is a time jump. Obviously, fans didn’t get to see all of Elizabeth’s pregnancy. When the movie airs, the entire town of Hope Valley is done mourning the loss of Jack Thornton. They have moved on and are ready for this happy time of a new baby in town.

The viewers do get to see Elizabeth with a baby bump. This is going to be adorable and Erin loved to wear it. They do use more than one baby to play her child in the show. By the end of the movie, the viewers get to meet her child which will be exciting. Erin did share that she wants to be a parent someday as well. She will get a little taste of being a mother while acting with a baby around all the time to take care of.

Make sure that you don’t miss the big When Calls the Heart movie when it airs on Hallmark on Christmas Day. The new season will start airing in 2019.

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