’90 Day Fiance’ Star Leida Blames Fans For Losing Sponsorship with SurelyMine

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90 Day Fiance star Leida recently lost a sponsorship with the company SurelyMine. There was a lot of talk about why she lost it. At first, it sounded like it was because of the way she acted on the show. It turns out that Leida spoke to In Touch Weekly and shared her side. She is now blaming the fans.

Leida blames the fans

Eric and Leida have been in some really huge fights on 90 Day Fiance. At first, it appeared this was the reason that Leida lost her sponsorship. The company actually said at first that this was the reason. Leida is now sharing her own side of the story. She also shared that she wasn’t getting paid from SurelyMine, but was only getting free clothing. That is a form of payment, but it sounds like she didn’t see it that way.


Leida is totally blaming the fans for getting let go by SurelyMine. Here is what she had to say about it.

“I no longer collaborate with SurelyMine because they got attacked by many haters. Also, I didn’t get paid doing the ‘collaboration’ with them. I hope it can clarify things. I don’t lose anything because of this collaboration because I only got free dresses, that’s it.”

The 90 Day Fiance star is making it appear that the fans caused her firing and that she didn’t do anything wrong. A lot of people don’t agree with this at all. Leida and Erica had some huge fights that didn’t make them look the best. You can see why a company might choose not to be connected to them.

SurelyMine shares their side

SurelyMine admitted that they contacted several of the people from 90 Day Fiance about working with them. They would get free dresses in exchange for posting. The company did ask Leida to stop posting about their company after getting a ton of hateful messages. She only got two dresses from the company.

The company SureleyMine is speaking out and standing by their choice to quit working with her. Here is what they had to say about it on Instagram.

“SurelyMine is a family company that is female owned and operated. We do not support or condone the actions and behavior that were depicted on the show. The actions, values, and opinions in this case from Leida DO NOT [sic] reflect those of the SurelyMine Brand or its affiliates. Our brand prides itself on being a positive influence and partner in our community. Therefore, we have decided to discontinue any and all present and future collaboration with Leida.”

Are you shocked to see that Leida is blaming the fans now? Don’t miss the new episodes of 90 Day Fiance when they air on Sunday nights on TLC.

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