‘General Hospital’ News: Hayley Erin Shares What She Thinks Happened to Kiki

Hayley Erin General Hospital

General Hospital recently killed off actress Hayley Erin’s character Kiki Jerome. This was shocking to fans, but it seemed like it was time for it to happen. Haley Erin is moving on to something new as she will be on Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists. She wouldn’t have time to do both shows.

The death of Kiki

Ryan Chamberlain killed off Kiki. Nobody actually saw what happened to her, but Hayley does have a theory about what happened to her character after the show. She went to her Twitter page to share her thoughts. Check out what she had to say below.

Well, she probably isn’t right about what happened to Kiki, but that is a great thought. The viewers would love to see what actually caused her death. For some reason, they left part of that out. At first, they tried to pin her murder on Griffin Munro.

Kiki Jerome’s character just hasn’t been the same since Kristen Alderson left the show. She had played the role of Kiki so long that it took fans a while to like Hayley in the role. They had to adjust to the new actress. Most viewers were finally to a point when they loved Haley Erin as Kiki but then they killed her off the show.

Hayley moves on

When Hayley left the show, she shared a tribute and thank you on her Instagram.

“RIP Keeks… Much love to my @generalhospitalabc family, I’ll miss you guys. Thank you for this wonderful, wild ride in daytime. I will always be grateful to the fans who embraced Kiki through the years, my life wouldn’t be nearly this beautiful without your constant love and support XO.”

You can still catch her on Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists when it starts. There is not much information out yet. They are trying to keep Hayley’s character pretty quiet, so it could be an interesting one when the show starts.

Are you still shocked that they killed off Hayley Erin’s character Kiki Jerome on General Hospital? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and don’t miss new episodes of General Hospital weekdays on ABC.

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