Lauren Burnham Slams Haters Who Thought She Was Drinking While Pregnant

Lauren Burnham with Arie from Instagram

Is former Bachelor runner-up Lauren Burnham drinking while pregnant with former Bachelor star Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s baby? The answer is no and she thinks fans should mind their own business. As all of you have probably heard, Arie left winner Becca Kufrin for runner-up Lauren. They are now expecting their first child together. Almost none of the fans agree with what Arie did to Becca and how he broke her heart, but they are happy for the happily expecting couple.

Lauren Burnham states to fans “To everyone asking if I’m drinking while pregnant/judging without knowing … the answer is no, I’m not,” Burnham wrote. “Mind ya own beeswax.” That’s gotta make fans think before commenting. Can anyone blame her though? The winner of Arie’s heart recently shared a photo on Instagram of her being 14 weeks pregnant, how exciting! The couple seems very happy together on social media, they just recently visited Amsterdam, which is on a lot of people’s bucket list. During this trip, a bartender was seen in front of them pouring drinks. This is what got everyone started assuming Lauren was drinking.

Burnham very obviously doesn’t care what people think, which fans really admire and respect. Some fans have stuck up for Lauren, which she really appreciates with all of the hate she has been recently getting. Some fans think people shouldn’t be jumping to conclusions and should just let her enjoy her pregnancy, which is true. If you want to see the progression of the loving engaged couple’s baby, follow their Instagrams where they have been posting loads of updates about the baby.

Bachelor fans are so ready to see upcoming Bachelor Colton Underwood’s season. There is going to be lots of drama that unfolds and lots of questions answered. Like, is Colton still a virgin and how did the fantasy suites go? Who won Colton’s heart so fast that caused him to end his season early? How much drama will there be? Stay tuned and find out this upcoming January on ABC on The Bachelor

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