Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch

One of the best hybrid treasure hunt-meets paranormal series on Discovery is Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch, now in season two. The series is becoming more mysterious and complex in the finds and the events that stack up as Duane and Chad Ollinger.  Their crew tries to excavate a water-filled cavern that holds a strange box
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Whatever you may think about Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch, this illuminating interview with the lead player, ranch owner Duane Ollinger, will blow your mind. The new Discovery series has exploded the fan base and there are those who believe and the skeptics. But after you read this, any doubts that there is something not
On Friday night’s Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch, Chad Ollinger and geologist Eric Drummond discover something perhaps more valuable than gold. Iridium. The distinct looking element is hard to find and vital to the aerospace manufacturing business and much more. The two have discovered this while panning at the edge of the flooded cave entrance,
Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is certainly keeping fans guessing with each passing episode. Fans are seeing a hunt for gold turn into a plethora of paranormal phenomena. Mutilated animals, as well as, Skinwalkers, captivates fans with strange occurrences on the ranch. However, the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is just getting started. Ryan Skinner TV Shows