Maddie Brown Brush

Sister Wives followers don’t always confine their interest to Kody Brown and his four sister wives. In fact, their adult children also garner many followers. Maddie Brown Brush, Janelle’s daughter took to her Instagram to unload about comments on education and mom-shaming. Actually, she’s just sick of it, feeling how moms choose to get an
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Sister Wives fans don’t always follow all the Brown family closely on Instagram. Because of that, Mitch Thompson managed to hilariously confuse fans over Maddie Brush’s pregnancy. It came after Madison posted up a photo of her recent cruise with LuLaroe in Puerto Rico. Sister Wives photo shows pregnant Madison Brush Christine Brown went on
Sister Wives’ stars Caleb and Maddie Brush just revealed that they have a second child on the way. This will also be the second grandchild for the Brown family. People shared the details about this happy couple. They had their first child Axel James Brush in 2017. Details of Maddie’s pregnancy Caleb and Maddie Brush are really excited