1000-lb Sisters

On tonight’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters, Misty accuses her sister Amy Halterman of cheating. While some of her siblings were willing to justify her actions. Most agreed with Misty that Amy definitely cheated. What did the 1000-Lb. Sisters star cheat at exactly? Keep reading for the details. Warning: This article contains spoilers from tonight’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters.  1000-Lb.
1000-Lb. Sisters fans celebrated with glee alongside Amy Halterman this week when she announced her second pregnancy. On Sunday, the day before the most recent episode dropped on TLC, Amy released a video on her YouTube channel announcing that she and Michael are officially expecting baby number two. Rumors have been circulating that Amy Halterman got
1000-Lb. Sisters Fans got an eyeful of interesting recently when they got a gander at one of Tammy’s recent videos. From her bed at an ‘inpatient facility,’ the oversized celeb jumped on one of the latest TikTok trends, which somehow included Tammy Slaton stripping off her shirt, and declaring herself a certified ‘baddie.’ What did the