Big Brother

Big Brother is known for creating showmances that last a while, and Chris Williams, also known as Swaggy C, and Bayleigh Dayton are no different. The pair has recently announced they have actually bought a house together post Big Brother. ‘Big Brother’ Alumni Buy a House Bayleigh and Chris have decided to move in together according to Reality
The story with Paulie Calafiore is getting crazier by the second. First off, he was dating Danielle Maltby from The Bachelor. These two seemed to be a perfect match until he broke her heart by cheating. Paulie was with Cara Maria Sorbello from The Challenge. Paulie originally got famous from being on Big Brother. Paulie’s recent romantic past Paulie
Big Brother stars Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen shared not only an alliance but a showmance, also known as ‘Tangela’, before leaving the Big Brother house. The couple revealed to Entertainment Tonight that they are living together and have spent all their time together since they show ended. The two are also learning how to cope with the