I am Jazz fans saw the much-talked-about episode of Jazz Jennings’s bottom surgery complications. She went through a depressing and scary time but said she had a spiritual revelation. On Twitter, she also dished out a “fun fact” about the producers filming with their phones. And oh, yeah, she reminded everyone about the psychic who told her
Bachelor fans rejoice, ABC is giving viewers all The Bachelor they can get. According to Bustle, there will be a two night Bachelor finale again. They also have announced a Bachelor in Paradise season renewal. That means another summer of love and drama in Mexico for viewers. Two Night Finale Last season of The Bachelor, ABC put out a two-night
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Actress/producer Alison Sweeney has been working hard on her Hallmark movies lately. TV Shows Ace got the chance to talk to her exclusively and find out a bit of information on these movies. Here is what Alison had to say about working with Hallmark. How did the idea of The Chronicle Mysteries come about? I’ve been really obsessed