Speaking to TVShowsAce exclusively, Phillip Redmond a.k.a. BBW King wants to shed some light on Tammy Slaton’s vacation meltdown during Monday night’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters. The BBW King tells us he’s furious the family placed the blame on him as the reason Tammy refused to enjoy or participate in the vacation. In fact, he proceeded to tell
For this 1000-Lb. Sisters exclusive, we sat down with someone who is connected to Jerry Sykes, his girlfriend, and Tammy Slaton. This individual reached out to us after we sat down with the mother of Phillip Redmond’s children. Our source appreciated Phillip Redmond’s side of the story getting told, but they thought Jerry Sykes deserved to
In our latest 1000-Lb. Sisters exclusive, a hush money bombshell has been dropped on us. Turns out, TLC paid to silence someone. What did this person know that TLC didn’t want viewers to know? And, who was it that TLC silenced? We’ve got the inside scoop! 1000-Lb. Sisters Exclusive: Hush money bombshell dropped Shortly after Season 2 of 1000-Lb.