‘Golden Bachelor’ Susan Noles Blindsides Kathy Swarts With Thirsty Fan

Susan Noles, Kathy Swarts - The Red Carpet - YouTube

Kathy Swarts was labeled the villain of Golden Bachelor, but she and her friend, Susan Noles landed a nice podcast spot on the Happy Hour. However, she might have briefly regretted that as Susan blindsided her with a thirsty fan who wanted a date. Read on to find out how she responded.

Kathy Swarts Looking For Love?

Gerry Turner didn’t pick Kathy. In fact, the Golden Bachelor seemed irritated because Theresa Nist told him that she was told to “zip it,” when she talked about getting along with him so well. Initially, ABC fans didn’t like Kathy for that. But she grows on them now. In at least one instance, she grew on a fan very deeply.

Kathy Swarts, ASKN, April, Susan, Kathy, and Nancy, The Golden Bachelor
Kathy Swarts, ASKN, April, Susan, Kathy, and Nancy, The Golden Bachelor

Kathy Swarts and Susan Noles seem to be quite popular on their podcast. The Bachelor Nation stars have some inside info, especially on the Golden Bachelor. Susan gets along with Theresa and Gerry, so she is able to dish some insider info about the reason for the divorce.

ABC Star Susan Noles Blindsides Kathy

On YouTube this week, Bachelor Nation revealed that as Kathy wrapped up their podcast, Susan interrupted. She told her there was another question to answer. Of course, as she knew nothing about it, Kathy seemed a bit puzzled. Anyway, Susan Noles read it out.

Kathy Swarts, Susan Noles - Bachelor Happy Hour - YouTube
Kathy Swarts, Susan Noles – Bachelor Happy Hour – YouTube

Kathy Swarts sat quietly while Susan read off the long question from a Golden Bachelor fan named “Papa Lou.” He is a “pianist” and has zero debt. She said:

This question is mainly for Kathy. She has mentioned on previous podcasts that no one has taken her up on asking her out on a date, but Papa Lou wouldn’t mind telling the world that I’d like to at least try. I’ll be 69 in September and I am a widower since January 2023. My wife and I were married for 43 wonderful years and had no children except for two pups. I’d be happy to send current photos and yes, they’re all untouched, it’s really me. I’ve slowly gotten back into dating a little, though I’m rusty at this…

How did Kathy Swarts respond? Well, the  Bachelor Nation podcaster sat there with her mouth hanging open. Then she looked really interested, especially when he talked about playing music for her. Did she accept? For now, it’s a cliffhanger because the episode on YouTube ended as she started laughing. But, in a happy way. You can visit the podcast on Spotify for more information.

What are your thoughts about a fan asking Kathy Swarts out on the  Bachelor Hour podcast? Do you think it was sneaky for Susan Noles to blindside her like that? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Golden Bachelor news.

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