‘Sister Wives’ Mykelti Brown Reveals Why She’s Really Leaving Christine

Mykelti Brown and Christine Brown - Sister Wives - Instagram

Lately, Sister Wives star, Mykelti Brown, and her husband, Tony Padron, have been discussing moving to North Carolina. While the reason wasn’t originally discussed, now they are telling fans why they are leaving Utah including the reason they are leaving Christine Brown Woolley behind.

Mykelti Brown Padron And Tony Padron Get Ready To Move

While the new season of Sister Wives isn’t out yet, Mykelti Brown and her husband, Tony Padron, always have a little tea to spill. Undeniably, Christine Brown Woolley moved back to Utah after her split with Kody Brown so she could be near her family. However, now, Mykelti is excited to tell fans about a big move for her little family. She and Tony will be packing up and moving to North Carolina to start over. But Mykelti also talks about the real reason she is leaving Christine behind.

Mykelti and Christine Brown, Sister Wives, Instagram
Mykelti and Christine Brown, Sister Wives, Instagram

When Will They Be Moving

Mykelti Brown Padron and Tony Padron offer paying fans updates on their Patreon account, but some of the users keep other Sister Wives fans up to date. On Reddit, viewers start a discussion about Mykelti and Tony’s move. First, one user says, “Mykelti and Tony’s move to NC – Janelle lives there?” Then, they relay some information, “Mykelti and Tony gave a small update on their move to North Carolina recently. Mykelti said they are moving to their new place next week Wednesday, they have not sold their house in Utah yet but have had one offer, they countered the offer but I don’t think it was accepted.”

Mykelti Brown, Tony Padron, and their three children on Instagram
Mykelti Brown, Tony Padron, and their three children on Instagram

Additionally, the user gave several other interesting updates about the Brown family, including why Mykelti is moving away from Christine. Part of the reason is that Tony has landed his dream job teaching chess. Furthermore, Mykelti’s sales job agreed to allow her to work remotely.

Mykelti Brown Reveals Why She’s Really Leaving Christine

Within the information leaked by a Sister Wives fan, Mykelti Brown Padron says she is facing some personal issues that she isn’t ready to discuss, but hopes the move will alleviate some of the problems. Furthermore, she talks about leaving Christine Brown Woolley in Utah. According to the Redditor, “Mykelti said that they originally moved near Christine to create a support system for her when she first left Kody but now she has plenty of that so she doesn’t feel it necessary to stay. Mykelti said she also never wanted to live super close to family and wants to be more independent. She mentions wanting to run her life the way she wants to and away from drama. It is there way to live there lives with their kids the way they want to.”

  • One fan says, “I find Mykelti saying ‘getting away from the drama‘ hilarious. She seems to be happy to opine and stir the pot every time she opens her mouth.”
  • Another wonders if Mykelti Brown is changing, “True, but it’s possible she’s realized she doesn’t want to participate anymore. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in drama and bullsh*t that you get blind to your own role in it.”
  • “Yes, this shows she is still the same immature Mykelti. She is the cause of drama. The awkward goodbye when Christine left: who was behind it? Talking sh*t about family members on her channel? She can say she doesn’t want drama all she wants, but anyone can say anything. Actions speak louder than words.”
Some Sister Wives viewers defend her. - Reddit
Some Sister Wives viewers defend Mykelti Brown. – Reddit

Mykelti Brown Is Happy The Cousins Will Be Closer

However, moving away from Utah to North Carolina will make Mykelti Brown and Tony Padron much closer to Maddie Brown Brush. Additionally, the Redditor points out, “While they will live a few hours from Maddie they are still excited that their kids will have more chances to see each other and be around each other. Mykelti says she doesn’t expect any of her other siblings to have children soon so it will be nice for her kids to be around their cousins. One of Davids kids is also moving so Mykelti’s kids won’t have her kids to play with anymore either.” Which led Tony to spill the beans about Janelle moving. Likewise, Mykelti has been selling Plexus with Christine, Maddie, and Janelle so this may be a way to continue growth in that area. It could also be the “sales” job she is referring to.

Sister Wives viewers help keep each other in the loop about their move. - Reddit
Sister Wives viewers help keep each other in the loop about Mykelti Brown’s move. – Reddit

Fans Weigh In

After the Redditor summarizes Mykelti Brown’s Patreon discussion, several users show surprise about Janelle Brown’s move. While others touch on different points.

  • “When I read about her going through personal stuff, my mind went straight to her relationship with Kody & Robyn and now realizing the role they played in destroying the family. She may be waking up (and hopefully growing up) and this will give her more space.”
  • “I hope so for her own mental health! Maybe that’s why she’s decided to get a new job, getting away from all of the SW drama. Good for her if so.”

Mykelti and Tony's move to NC – Janelle lives there?
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What do you think about Mykelti Brown Padron’s reason for leaving Christine Brown Woolley behind? Do you think she feels neglected by Christine or just doesn’t think she needs to be close by? Are you ready to see new episodes of Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.

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  1. I kinda went wow omgosh they split.. I love watching OutDaughtered while watching I always had a feeling tht they eventually would split up.. It was the way they acted towards each other.. Then I read the article.. I’m relieved to hear tht their marriage is goin good!! Especially for the girls.. Alot of couples go thru ups and downs I’m so happy tht Danielle and Adam aren’t giving up I think they make an awesome couple!!God Bless..Prayers are sent for the family 🙏😇🙏

  2. His dream job of teaching chess??? Sounds like a realistic way to support a growing family-NOT. He is an odd fellow to say the least, but this sounds like chasing windmills to me.

  3. Tony is a leech whoever heard of a father of three going somewhere to teach chest. that show money is not going to last forever. and he will not have a trade to go to work to support his family. all I can say is his wife better get a education because she’ll be the one earning the income when the show is no more.

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