‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown’s Shocking Big Move Confirmed

Janelle Brown From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From @janellebrown117 Instagram

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has been on a healing journey since the devastating death of her son, Garrison, last March. The 55-year-old mom often shares pictures and clips of herself spending time with her kids and grandkids in Utah. She even took to social media last month to share her garden project with Maddie. However, there are speculations that Janelle may have moved into a new house, and many were shocked at where it was. Keep reading to see the latest discovery.

Sister Wives: How’s Janelle Brown Today?

Janelle has been focusing more on her businesses over the past few weeks. Recently, the Sister Wives star uploaded a photo with a friend who runs an entertainment agency. This created speculation that Janelle may be working with her on a future project. The former second wife of Kody also took to social media last week to share her Yellowstone Park trip with some of her kids. She’s been back and forth between Flagstaff and North Carolina. But several Redditors may have discovered that the mother of six had settled elsewhere after leaving Kody.

Janelle Brown & Maddie Brown From Sister Wives, TLC, @madison_rose11 Instagram
Janelle Brown & Maddie Brown From Sister Wives, TLC, @madison_rose11 Instagram

Janelle’s Shocking Big Move Leaked?

Some Redditors react to Mykelti’s recent Patreon post, sharing several life updates. One of them is about their recent move to North Carolina. According to the Sister Wives star, they’re finalizing their move next week. They haven’t sold their Utah house yet and confessed that they’ve had one negotiation that didn’t push through.

Janelle Brown From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From @janellebrown117 Instagram
Janelle Brown From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From @janellebrown117 Instagram

But what caught the attention of many was when Mykelti Brown Padron told the cameras that it would be nice to get close to Janelle’s household, implying that she now lives in North Carolina. Tony later confirmed that Janelle does live there, but Mykelti stopped him by saying that they weren’t supposed to say that. Here are some comments from the Redditors.

  • “That’s definitely news if that’s true. Everything Janelle has said on her social media was that she still lived in Flagstaff as her main hub and seemed to be constantly traveling as well. But her moving to NC permanently would make sense depending on what Savanah and Gabe are doing. I wonder if Gabe has graduated yet and if Savanah enrolled in a university.”
  • “I think Janelle could easily have a place in NC and split her time between flagstaff and not really say she “moved” but also basically living there more frequently and longer spurts of time.”
  • “I find Mykelti saying ” getting away from the drama” hilarious. She seems to be happy to opine and stir the pot every time she opens her mouth.”
  • “So they aren’t actually going to be living near Maddie then cause doesn’t Maddie live in Raleigh? That will be 2.5 hr drive on a good traffic day. Which isn’t that big a deal but definitely farther than Christine being down the street.”

Sister Wives: Will Janelle Brown’s Move Gets Revealed On Season 19?

Janelle has been discreet about the speculations about her move. But the way Mykelti told her husband that they’re not supposed to say it yet seemingly implies that a big announcement will come. Several members of the Brown family have already confirmed that Season 19 will happen. Kody’s nephew, Benjamin, even claimed that the upcoming season of Sister Wives will air in August. The storyline for the new season remains unclear. But many fans hope that it will feature the latest news about the family, including Janelle’s possible relocation.

Janelle Brown From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From @janellebrown117 Instagram
Janelle Brown From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From @janellebrown117 Instagram

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