‘Mama June’ Anna Cardwell’s Past Boyfriend Claims He’s Kaitlyn’s Daddy

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Do you remember when one of Anna Cardwell’s boyfriends came forward claiming he was Kaitlyn’s dad? Nearly 12 years ago, Caleb Clark was asking for a paternity test for Kaitlyn that he never received. Now, Mama June Shannon has emergency custody of Kaitlyn following Anna’s death. Will he come forward again?

Anna Cardwell’s Ex-Boyfriend Came Forward Wanting A Paternity Test

Caleb Clark previously came forward making claims that he is Kaitlyn’s dad in 2012. He says that he dated Anna “Chickadee” Shannon for a couple of years in high school and believes that he fathered Kaitlyn.

At the time, he told the tabloids that he wanted to get Kaitlyn “out of that house and away from that family.” However, Anna refused paternity tests for her daughter. Caleb also shared that he intended to marry Mama June’s daughter until she admitted to cheating on him.

Apparently, Anna sent Caleb an email when she found out that she was pregnant. In the email, she wrote, “I kinda had sex with someone the week before we did, but I trusted him to wear a condom, but I don’t think he did, and that’s what scares me.”

Even though Caleb was hurt by the admission, he wanted to be there for the child if it was his. Anna refused paternity testing and he has been unable to afford a lawyer to pursue the issue any further.

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“In my heart, I am still sure that baby is mine. My dad walked out on me and my mom when I was a baby and I was adopted (by his stepfather),” Caleb said. “I don’t want her to be one of those people whose mommy tells them, ‘Your daddy wasn’t there for you.'”

At the time, Caleb believed that Anna was refusing the paternity test to block him from getting custody. Allegedly, Anna told him that she would agree to get the test done if he joined Mama June and the rest of the family on the show. Caleb would not join the WeTV show, which he called a “circus.”

Now, Caleb has not seen Kaitlyn since the day after she was born.

Will Mama June Have To Deal With Caleb After All These Years?

Mama June fans know that Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell passed away last December. June took emergency custody of Kaitlyn following her daughter’s death.

In recent episodes of Mama June: Family Crisis, Anna told her mother that she wanted Eldridge, her husband, to care for Kaitlyn after she died. June was initially shocked by this revelation and she believed she’d be the best caregiver for Kaitlyn.

Anna Cardwell-YouTube
Anna Cardwell-YouTube

At the time, June Shannon urged Anna to get paperwork filed about Kaitlyn’s custody. She failed to do so though, and June wound up filing for custody shortly after her death.

Caleb may come forward again now that Anna isn’t around to deny his paternity test. Not to mention, June may be dealing with another one of Anna’s exes, Michael Cardwell, in a separate custody battle.

Mama June: Family Crisis airs on Fridays at 9 p.m. EST on WeTV.

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