‘Jeopardy!’ Stops Game After Massive Score Reversal

Isaac Hirsch on Jeopardy! | YouTube

Jeopardy! fans watched one of the most confusing games this week as the judges came back and reversed an answer, which totally changed the complexion of the game. In this specific game, it took the competitor in the lead and stripped them of an answer, dropping them drastically in the game.

Here is what happened and how fans reacted to the moment.

Jeopardy! Makes Major Correction Mid-Game

The Jeopardy! game was from Tuesday when Isaac Hirsch was trying to get his fifth win to qualify for the Tournament of Champions. Isaac came in with four wins and $100,586 in winnings. He was against Kathy Davis, a chemistry professor, and Anna Paone, a stay-at-home mom.

Jeopardy! | YouTube
Jeopardy! | YouTube

After the Jeopardy! round, Isaac was slightly ahead with $4,200. Anna had $2,600, and Kathy sat at $3,800. When Double Jeopardy! began, Isaac landed on his second Daily Double, and Ken Jennings stopped the game before he could wager.

Isaac had $8,600 by this time, trailing Anna, who had $9,000. However, Ken said there was an error earlier that the judges have ruled on and one score will change. First, Kathy said “corroborated” in an answer for an 11-letter word, which was wrong. It should have been “corroborate.” He stripped $1,600 from her score.

Then, he said that Isaac’s earlier answer of “char-grilled” was actually accepted since it was judged to be the same as “char-broiled,” so they returned the $2,400 he lost for that question. Also, since that helped Kathy guess right, she got back $1,200.

Finally, Ken said that was a “magic triangle,” so this moved Isaac from second place to the lead. Since Isaac now had $15,500, he bet $4,000 in DJ! and moved up to $19,400, an almost $10,000 lead. Isaac ended up winning, with a five-day total of $130,186.

Isaac Keeps Winning On Jeopardy!

The big scoring changes on Tuesday not only ensured Isaac would get the Tournament of Champions invite, but it also was his second blow-out win in a row. He then went into Wednesday going to keep his stream alive.

Ken Jennings - YouTube/Jeopardy!

Isaac did win on Wednesday, and it was another blowout, with Isaac winning another $21,201 compared to second place Larry with $16,801, and last place Alex at $9,600. Isaac’s six-day total is now $141,388. This means, on the season, he ranks third behind Drew Basile (7) and Adriana Harmeyer (15) for wins and second in money won behind only Adriana.

Fans are also loving seeing Isaac winning (via Reddit):

  • “Isaac is so fun to watch. Excited to tune into tonight’s episode during dinner.”
  • “I continue to find it funny that Isaac looks physically pained every time he’s not the first to buzz in.”
  • “If Isaac wins tomorrow, he’ll match Drew in that department, but he certainly has the potential to get his win tally to double digits.”

What are your thoughts on the controversial scoring on this recent Jeopardy! episode? Do you think things went fairly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I personally think the game is ridge and I for one am on the verge of not watching the show anymore. I loved it before Alex died but anymore its to fixed to make sure they have big champions

  2. They should have let the scores remain where they were. Everyone was doing fine and the mistakes were not that big. She said the correct 11 word answer before she gave the other answer. no one responded when she said the correct one. I agree char-grilled is different than char-broiled. There was too many changes and it looked like they wanted to make sure Issac won. I am only turning in to see if we have a new player. I refuse to watch him.

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