‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Bash Ken Jennings For ‘Unfair’ Rulings

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Ken Jennings had some Jeopardy! fans calling him out last week over a tough decision he made in the game. For one question, he didn’t give a woman named Kelly Proulx the correct answer because she added an “S” to the end of her answer. Fans were mad, and Ken has since spoken out about it.

Here is a look at what happened and what Ken has since said.

Jeopardy! Fans Lash Out At Rejected Answer

The Jeopardy! question that got fans frustrated was under the category “Waterfalls.” The question was in the $2,000 box, and the answer was “Bridalveil Fall.” However, when Kelly Proulx, a non-profit communications director from Billerica, Massachusetts, answered, she said, “Bridalveil Falls.”

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Ken Jennings on Jeopardy! | YouTube

Since there are actually places in the United States called Bridal Beil Falls, calling Bridalveil Fall by the wrong name is what made it an incorrect answer. However, Jeopardy tends to bounce around on these answers. In one game a few years ago, someone said “Gangsters Paradise” and missed it because it was “Gangsta’s Paradise.’ However, this year, someone said, “Salt and Pepper,” and got it right even though it should have been “Salt ‘n’ Pepa.”

On this Tuesday’s episode, a player had a correct answer taken away for saying “corroborated” instead of “corroborate,” but that was explained that the word had to be 11 letters based on the clue.  Regardless, fans had a lot to say about the “Bridalveil Falls” miss.

  • “People call it “Bridalveil Falls” all the time, including the National Park Service!”
  • “”Fall” was in the clue, so clearly did not need to be said in the response. And yes, people do call it “Falls”.”
  • “So brutal. If she just said Bridal Veil, and left out “fall” or “falls” she would have been awarded the points.”

Ken Jennings Responds To Jeopardy! Controversy

Ken Jennings has heard the controversy and he has responded to it on this week’s podcast episode from Inside Jeopardy! Ken was talking to the contestants, including Proulx, Dana Keane, and Isaac Hirsch.

In his explanation, he spoke to Helen directly and said, “Sadly, ‘Bridalveil Falls’ with the ‘S,'” was a problem in the episode. However, he also said that luckily, “I’m glad it didn’t hinge on my very harsh ruling on the ‘S.'”

The Final Jeopardy! round would not have been affected since no one answered that question correctly (“In the 16th century, she changed the ‘ew’ in her family name to a ‘u’ to help her new French in-laws spell it more easily” – the answer was “Who was Mary, Queen of Scots?”

What are your thoughts on Ken Jennings’ corrections and wrong answers on Jeopardy!? Do you think there is any consistency with these decisions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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