‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Fan Favorite Couple Call It Quits

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Farmer Wants A Wife fans are heartbroken after Farmer Andrew Coleman and Claire Saunders called it quits. Claire shared an update on Instagram, letting fans know that they’ve called off their wedding. So, what’s next for the couple? Here is everything that has been revealed so far.

Why Did Claire & Andrew Call Off The Wedding?

Andrew Coleman and Claire Saunders found each other during the 2023 season of Farmer Wants A Wife in Australia. The couple first announced their engagement in March but, sadly, it was short-lived.

Viewers will remember that the couple left the show early because Andrew said that he knew Claire was the only woman he wanted to pursue. Since their departure from the show, Claire seemed to be meshing into farm life well.

Andrew Coleman and Claire Saunders - Instagram
Instagram/Claire Saunders

Claire and Andrew have been going strong since their season appeared on television last year. They often share updates about their lives together on social media.

However, Claire posted an update on Instagram on Monday. In an Instagram Story, she wrote, “My dogs and I have headed north to Darwin to work for the dry season. Andrew and I have had to cancel our wedding due to reasons out of our control, but we are both okay.”

She continued, “I’m not sure what else to say other than, sometimes life is hard and we all just need a little breathing space. There will be no farming content from me for the foreseeable future.”

Farmer Wants A Wife Fans Heartbroken Over The News

Farmer Wants A Wife Facebook group blew up with the news. The original poster shared a screenshot of her Instagram update and wrote, “I’m a little sad! Has even removed the announcement of their engagement on Instagram!”

The last photo Claire shared of Andrew was last October and their engagement post from March is missing from her feed. Andrew’s last post of Claire is from June 2023.

Other fans took to the comment section to express their sadness over the news. “Damn, they were my faves,” one person wrote. Another chimed in, “She had just been wedding dress shopping as well.”

“I am so sad for Claire. She didn’t deserve this,” a third fan commented. “Very sad. They been together for ages and appeared the perfect couple,” a fourth added.

Andrew Coleman and Claire Saunders - Instagram
Instagram/Claire Saunders

The Farmer Wants A Wife star‘s post left some things up for question though. While it did state that they’ve called off the wedding, it wasn’t clear if there was a possibility of them reconciling.

It also mentioned she was headed north to work, so it is possible that their split is temporary. Several people in the comments said that they hoped the pair would be able to work things out. Only time will tell what the future holds for the Farmer Wants A Wife couple.

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