‘Bachelorette’ Is Drama With Maria Georgas & Jenn Tran Real?

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Maria Georgas. Jenn Tran and Daisy Kent were on Season 26 of The Bachelor with Joey Graziadei. But, is there drama and feuding between Maria and Tenn over the choice made for the Bachelorette by ABC execs? Read on to find out why people think there might be some pot-stirring drama behind the scenes.

Jenn Tran The First Asian Bachelorette

Joey Graziadei had a lot of good things to say about Maria Geogas although she had problems with other cast members. However, some Bachelor fans thought she might be good for The Bachelorette. Nevertheless, she claimed that she turned down the opportunity after she was chosen first. Jen Trann seemed upset at the inference that she was the third choice for being the lead.

Maria Georgas via Insta
Maria Georgas – The Bachelor via Instagram

Many people liked the idea of Jenn Tran being the first Asian lead. However, at the end of June, Maira Goergas made out as if the role on The Bachelorette was always her until she turned it down. That caused drama because it belittled Jenn as the lead. And, on the Call Her Daddy podcast, Jenn commented that she was not third in line. Apparently, she was always in the running. So, Bachelor fans thought a feud had begun between Joey Graziadei’s exes.

Maria Georgas And Jenn Have No Feud?

If the former contestants from Joey Graziadei’s Bachelor feud, then it seems odd that Maria would post something nice about the Bachelorette cast. In her social media post, she said:

This is the most iconic group photo. Proude of Jenn!! Can’t wait to see more.

Maria Georgas posts about Jenn Tran's contestants- Via Reddit
Maria Georgas posts about Jenn Tran’s contestants- Via Reddit

On Reddit, an ABC fan wondered if there really was a feud between Jenn Tran and Maria. They shared a screenshot and then wrote:

maria reposts jenn! there is no drama 🙂

Jenn Tran 'Bachelor'/Instagram
Jenn Tran ‘Bachelor’ – Instagram

Bachelorette fans wondered if production allowed the so-called feud to escalate because they were not prepared for Asian contestants.

What ABC Fans Think About The Drama

Some people are not convinced that ABC production was ready for an Asian lead. Here are some of their thoughts:

  • We know Maria wasn’t chosen first. we know ABC takes multiple people through the lead process at the same time. Why still promote the idea that Maria was “picked first” when we know that to be untrue? She may have turned down the role but so did Daisy, just because they turned it down doesn’t mean either was ABC’s first choice. they were just one of the choices.
  • a bachelor producer is always there when these contestants do interviews… jenn’s argument was that the only way you have the role is when the public knows you have the role. (thats just ABC PR trying to save face for having the first asian lead only after two white women turned it down)
  • i love jenn and am very happy that she got the role but the way ABC handled all of this was so disappointing. as a vietnamese myself, im sad that ABC did our first viet bachelorette dirty…(also they should’ve stopped the interviewers from asking jenn questions about whether or not she was chosen first.)

What are your thoughts about the drama between Maria Georgas and Jenn Tran? Do you believe that if there is drama, it’s because the producers help to manufacture it? Do you agree that Maria claiming she was chosen first might have had a nudge from behind the scenes? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here often for all your Bachelor and Bachelorette news.

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