Did Jess Vestal Dump Harry Jowsey Before He Did ‘DWTS’?

Jess Vestal from the Official De-Influenced Podcast, sourced from YouTube

By now, many Netflix subscribers are well-informed about Jess Vestal and Harry Jowsey’s messy relationship.

The pair met on Perfect Match and dated for a while. However, their time on the show was not without chaos and drama. Throughout Perfect Match Season 2, Harry flirted with other women and acted incredibly immature. Ultimately, they parted ways at the end of the show, though they attempted to date in the real world.

Harry went on to appear on Dancing With The Stars Season 32, where he continued to spark rumors. He ultimately blamed DWTS for the end of his relationship with Jess, but that may not be the entire truth.

So what does Jess have to say about the situation?

Jess Vestal Shines Light On The DWTS Drama

During Dancing With The Stars Season 32, Harry Jowsey and his partner Rylee Arnold had amazing chemistry on the dance floor. Viewers immediately took notice and started speculating about their relationship status. While Jess understood the situation, it also did start to cause problems with her relationship with Harry.

Jess recently appeared on The Viall Files: Going Deeper to explain the situation.

Jess Vestal from Instagram
Jessica Vestal/Instagram

“We got back from Perfect Match, [and] he started that [DWTS] right away,” the 30-year-old admitted. “It was him making commitments to me that he was gonna lighten the load with that ‘cause I was understanding of our relationship having to be a secret for a while, but I was like, ‘It’s kind of excruciating watching the world think [you are with someone else].’ This was crazy.”

Near the start of the season, fans spotted Harry and Rylee holding hands at an event. After that, the rumor mill went absolutely wild.

“We broke up that morning,” Jess continued, referencing the viral photos of Harry and Rylee. “I was so mad, I was sad, but I was like, ‘Whatever.’ And [their] TikToks [together] bothered me because I just made a TikTok.”


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The Love Is Blind Star Felt Incredibly Disrespected

According to Jess Vestal, she wasn’t hurt that Harry and Rylee formed a close bond. She did, however, feel incredibly disrespected that he let the rumors run wild.

“We had a lot of open conversations about it [and] him just keeping it respectful. Like, the intimate piece of there needing to be chemistry with your partner, I was fine with,” the Love Is Blind alum continued. “I’m such a huge fan of that show, [and] I couldn’t have been more excited. I was very supportive and the whole closeness piece didn’t bother me at all.”

As DWTS viewers likely remember, Harry continuously played coy when asked about his relationship with Rylee.


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