‘Claim To Fame’: Who Is Naomi’s Celebrity Relative?

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Who is Naomi’s celebrity relative on Season 3 of Claim to Fame? A clue last night was pretty spot on but how is she related to this person? More so, who exactly is her connection, and did any viewers guess correctly? Keep reading for more details.

Claim To Fame: Who Is Naomi’s Celebrity Relative?

The houseguests on Claim to Fame are still evaluating all of the clues that they have been given. Each player gives three with one being a lie. Yet, there is also the clue wall which contains a plethora of clues for all of the contestants. That can mean anything and everything. Now, on the outside, viewers have done their best to figure out who each person is related to. Season 3 just premiered on Wednesday, July 10th, and much of the cast has been unmasked. So, what about Naomi as her clue definitely related to The Brat Pack?

Naomi Burns & Sisters-Instagram
Naomi Burns & Sisters-Instagram

They were a group of young eighties actors who all worked together and became Hollywood royalty in their own way. Guesses spanned from Ally Sheedy to Molly Ringwald. It is not Ally as she has a son so what about Molly? She does have a daughter named Mathilda and they do use fake names on the show if they want but looking at photos, it is not her. Naomi’s clues were that her celebrity relative was a cousin, they were known for being a singer, and they won the Young Artist Award. In the end, her celebrity relative is Molly Ringwald.

According to Stylecaster, they are first cousins, once removed. Molly has been acting for decades, starring in The Facts of Life. She then moved on to iconic roles in Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink. As her career continued, she reappeared in the Secret Life of the American Teenager alongside Shailene Woodley. There was a Hulu documentary called BRATS that just came out but Molly declined as she had moved on with her life. As aforementioned, people have guessed Molly Ringwald but will the houseguests get it?

Will Naomi Be Found Out?

Naomi Burns seems to be safe so far but next week, there will be a double elimination on Claim to Fame. So, anyone can and will go home if they do not play their cards right. The first person sent home was Bianca Roberts as she made a wrong guess. So, that could be Naomi’s fate. Time will tell what will happen but it is good to know that the clue was spot on with The Brat Pack.

Did you guess Molly Ringwald or were you still on the fence about that one? Let us know and watch Claim to Fame Wednesdays on ABC and streaming on Hulu.

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