‘Claim To Fame’: Who Is Miguel’s Celebrity Relative?

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Who is Miguel’s celebrity relative on Season 3 of Claim to Fame? He has openly admitted that he is using a fake name to sound more Spanish. Now, the houseguests’ brains are running wild with who he could possibly be connected to. So, who is his celebrity relative? This one may blow your mind. Keep reading for more details.

Claim To Fame: Who Is Miguel’s Celebrity Relative?

Migel came on to Claim to Fame and he was ready to play. He knew that he had to do some lying and scheming so no one would figure out who he was related to. His clues were his celebrity relative was hus grandfather who was an actor with an Oscar. The lie was his grandfather so now the search is on for another relative. So far, it has worked and Twitter/X has thrown out some interesting guesses.

Miguel-Claim To Fame-YouTube
Miguel-Claim To Fame-YouTube

These were very off base and, in fact, what is Miguel’s real name? According to Stylecaster, his name is Raphael Curtis aka Raffi and his aunt is none other than Jamie Lee Curtis. Yes, the Oscar winner from Halloween, Freaky Friday, The Bear, and so much more. So, how are they related? Jamie’s half- sister, Allegra Curtis, is Raphael’s mother. Technically, the grandfather part is not a lie as Tony Curtis was a famous actor so the clues could have worked fine for him.

Keeping up this facade will work well for Miguel as he has not been found out just yet. There is a lot of speculation but it is going in the wrong direction and Jamie Lee Curtis is likely not someone they will guess. He is starting to panic that the target is on him but he has to keep his head in the game.

Can He Make It?

This seems like a group of people who will know the movies but not quite get the name of the actress. They did not even know what a Peabody Award is so this could help Miguel. However, he could be his own worst enemy but time will tell what happens. So far, the cast keeps getting unmasked by viewers but it is the houseguests that really matter in the long-run. They will lead the final player to the grand prize.

Did you have any idea that Miguel was related to Jamie Lee Curtis? More so, do you think he can keep up the Miguel facade or will he crack? Let us know your thoughts and watch Claim to Fame Wednesdays on ABC and streaming on Hulu.

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