‘Bachelorette’ Jenn Tran Drops F-Bomb Over Celebrity Then Deletes

The premiere for Jenn Tran’s Bachelorette aired and she’s now raving about Ryan Reynolds. He promoted his upcoming movie, Deadpool and Wolverine during the ABC show. For the ABC star, it seemed amazing that he would actually comment on her, and that he watched the show.

Jenn Tran Didn’t Over-Kiss On Her First Night

The first night of Bachelorette seemed to go well. ABC fans liked that she managed to send home 7 contestants without melting down. She gave the First Impression Rose to Sam McKinney. Later, they got cozy and enjoyed some steamy PDA. Sam got a special mention by Ryan Reynolds on YouTube and Instagram.

Bachelor Entrance ABC - Jenn Tran Instagram
Bachelor Entrance ABC – Jenn Tran Instagram

Jenn Tran’s spoilers revealed that The Bachelorette lead might choose a man with some different views.  Of all the contestants, it seems that her final choice is into tin hat theories. Clearly, while she admires the Deadpool actor, that doesn’t mean those unlike him didn’t stand a chance.

Ryan Reynolds Shouts Out The Bachelorette 

In his shoutout for Jenn which arrived on Instagram, Ryan posted a screenshot of the Bachelorette promo for his movie. In his caption, which was the same as the YouTube video, he said:

Everyone seemed to like the Deadpool Bachelorette spot last night but can we talk about the episode? Thought Jenn made some strong choices, except for sending my countryman Brendan packing. Marcus is easy on the eyes, Grant was a little much and the day trading thing, but I get it. Two Sams will get confusing so slightly leaning towards Sam N. Jenn’s mom might have been the highlight and Melbourne, Australia, felt like a Hugh shout out so bit of a lowlight there. Overall, great start. What was I talking about again?

Deadpool on Bachelorette - Ryan Reynolds - Instagram
Deadpool on Bachelorette – Ryan Reynolds – Instagram

Jenn Tran got excited about it, and she responded on social media. Unfortunately, the original post is gone, but ET screenshot it and shared the contents of her replies to a friend.

Jenn Tran Raves About Ryan

In a screenshot of her responses to a friend, the Bachelorette star said:


Jenn Tran Raves About Ryan Reynolds - Instagram via ET
Jenn Tran Raves About Ryan Reynolds – Instagram via ET

According to the outlet, the ABC star has a soft spot for the Deadpool character. The article said:

ET’s Denny Directo asked her which “celebrity crush” would most embody the type of man she was looking for on the show. ‘I love Ryan Reynolds because he’s freaking hilarious,” she told ET at the time.

What are your thoughts about Jenn Tran raving over Ryan Reynolds and the fact that he watched the premiere episode? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here often for all your Bachelorette news.

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