Why Was ‘Name That Tune’ Not New This Week?

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Name That Tune has struggled as Season 4 started. To make things worse, the show underwent a schedule change this week. Fans noticed that there was already a rerun, only a few episodes into the season. Here is what you need to know.

Why Name That Tune Was Missing A New Episode This Week

Fox brought back Name That Tune for its fourth season with Jane Krakowski and Randy Jackson as the hosts. The season returned on June 3; just a month later, there are already reruns. It seems strange to already see missed weeks so early in the season.

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This week, Fox aired a rerun for Name That Tune, but never made a social media post or an announcement about the change. Most fans tuned in and realized then that it wasn’t a new episode. But, why did Fox not air a new episode this week?

There is some concern about the ratings. According to reports, Season 4 is only bringing in an average weekly viewership of 1.5 million people. The biggest episode was the second (1.6 million), while Episode 5 dropped to 1.4 million viewers (via TV Series Finale). With that said, Season 3 only averaged 1.3 million viewers an episode, so at least the numbers this season are a little higher.

Is Name That Tune Going To Be Canceled?

Name That Tune is not going anywhere. While it seems strange to air a rerun just six weeks into a new season, and the ratings are low, Fox has faith in the series. The network already renewed it for Season 5.

Name That Tune | YouTube
Name That Tune | YouTube

In the United States, Name That Tune premiered in 1952 on NBC Radio and on television in 1953 on CBS. It ended in 1959 before relaunching in 1070 in Syndication. The show ended again in 1981, rebooted in 1984, and was canceled again in 1985. In 2001, Fox relaunched it with Jane Krakowski as the ghost and Randy Jackson as the band leader.

The first season saw the basic game show, but the second and third were mostly celebrity episodes. In the fourth season, the game show returned to regular guests again. Each round of the game is based on a different challenge, and the challenges are not the same in each episode. Whoever has te most money after “Bid A Note” moves on to the “Golden Medley” bonus round for a chance at $100,000.

The good news is that Name That Tune Season 4, Episode 6, will air next week, on July 15. Name That Tune airs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Fox and is paired up with a new game show called The 1% Club.

What are your thoughts on Name That Tune not airing a new episode this week? Do you think changes like these will hurt the show’s viewership totals? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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