Savannah Chrisley Slams Kyle Chrisley For Relationship With Dad

Savannah Chrisley and Kyle Chrisley

Savannah Chrisley slammed Kyle Chrisley for his relationship with their father, Todd Chrisley. There have been a lot of ups and downs in their relationship. However, Savannah will always stand by her father in this situation. She did not like what happened when it came to Kyle speaking out about their relationship. Keep reading to find out more about this.

Kyle Chrisley Loses Custody Over Chloe

Kyle Chrisley has been a substance abuser for a while. This resulted in him losing custody of Chloe Chrisley. She has been living with Todd and Julie for a while. However, when they went to prison, Savannah took over custody of her. Savannah also has custody of Grayson Chrisley. She has had to take on a lot in the last couple of years. Kyle and Lindsey are Todd’s children from his first marriage. Lindsay and Savannah do not get along either. Kyle has also had trouble with the law. A lot of this led to Todd not speaking to his son anymore. However, fans have seen a lot of the ups and downs in the relationship throughout the years.

Savannah Chrisley Dishes On Continuing The Fight For Todd - Unlocked - YouTube
Savannah Chrisley Dishes On Continuing The Fight For Todd – Unlocked – YouTube

Savannah Chrisley Slams Him

Savannah Chrisley is not happy with her brother. She feels as though he plays the victim in the situation. 

“My dad has every reason not to speak to Kyle, just because it’s your child doesn’t mean that you have to accept abuse. It doesn’t mean you have to accept manipulation and hate and all these things. People will do anything for a little bit of fame or attention, what I don’t process well is having Kyle play the victim to life circumstances he’s created. What I don’t do well with someone who has abused people his entire life now trying to play victim, trying to get people to feel bad for him. Yes, my father has not spoken to him and that is because now, we are all at a place where we don’t have to be abused any further. We are allowed to create boundaries for ourselves.”

She stands by her feelings and has defended her father through it all. Some people know that you cannot put up with things just because they are family. Savannah understands that as well.

Savannah Chrisley-YouTube
Savannah Chrisley-YouTube

It seems that Savannah is letting the truth about Kyle come to light. She is not afraid to stand up for her father. She claims Kyle is an abuser and does not appreciate him playing the victim. Todd is still in prison, but Savannah is working on getting him justice. What do you think about this entire situation? Do you think Kyle or Todd is in the wrong? Sound off in the comments below.

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