Robin Roberts Reveals Why She Almost Left Amber Laign

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Robin Roberts and her wife, Amber Laign, seem to have the perfect relationship. However, the two of them almost called it quits because of Robin. She has recently opened up about how she almost broke up with Amber, and it had nothing to do with anything her partner did wrong.

Here is what Robin had to say about the near end of their relationship.

Robin Roberts Almost Broke Up With Amber Laign

Robin Roberts was talking about her relationship with her wife, Amber Laign. She said that she is happy with her, but she almost walked away from the relationship. However, Robin said that when she tried to break things off, Amber wouldn’t give in.

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Robin, 63, said that she almost left Amber, 48, before they got married. On an episode of the Jamie Kern Lima Show, Robin Roberts said she was going to talk about something she had never mentioned before. She said that she had been in several “dysfunctional relationships that I didn’t know were dysfunctional at the time.”

Because of this, Robin thought that there was no drama between her and Amber, and she thought that meant it wasn’t real. She was so used to having dysfunction and fighting that having bliss seemed fake. However, when she tried to break up with Amber because nothing was wrong, her future wife put her foot down.

“I was equating conflict with love. If it was easygoing, then it must not be sexy, it must not be fun. The relationship was really good but this was my thinking,” Robin said.

Amber Laign Saved Her Relationship With Robin Roberts

Amber Laign wasn’t going to let this happen. When Robin went to break things off, Amber said something that shook up her partner. She said if Robin’s old relationship is what she wants to return to and be happy there, she should go for it.

It was classic reverse psychology. Amber reminded Robin of why she broke out of her past relationships. This made Robin realize she was looking for a toxic relationship to be happy, even though it never works out that way. Robin was also shocked that Amber was so confident in herself.

“I thought she would be like, ‘You must stay with me,’ and she did just the opposite with such confidence [and said], ‘I know what you had, and I know what you have now, and if that’s what you want,” Robin remembered. “I didn’t go through with it.”

Robin said that Amber finally helped her “unlearn” what she knew about relationships from before, and she is now happier than ever before.

What are your thoughts on Robin Roberts and her marriage to Amber Laign? Was Amber’s reaction perfect for the situation to save her relationship? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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