‘Price Is Right’ Shocks Fans As It Was Suddenly Off The Air

Price Is Right

Price Is Right shocked fans when it was suddenly taken off the air. This is one of the most popular game shows of all time. So, it has a lot of fans that look forward to the new episodes. When people realized it was not a new episode being played, people freaked out. What happened to the popular game show? Keep reading to find out more.

Drew Carey Makes Mistake

Drew Carey made a big mistake on an episode of Price Is Right. This occurred on July 3. Barabra was playing the game, pocket change. When playing, she correctly guesses to win the car. She also got the second question correct. During this, Drew would usually tell the contestant to go grab a card to see their winning change. However, he forgot to this time. Barbara rolled her eyes and joked:

“You weren’t going to let me have a card were you?”

However, this was just Drew forgetting to tell her to get the card. Good thing she remembered. Otherwise, she may not have received it.

The Price Is Right: Drew Carey
The Price Is Right: Drew Carey

Price Is Right Was Suddenly Taken Off The Air

Fans were shocked when they saw Drew Carey come out in a wrestling costume. This was because it was a rerun of a Halloween episode. They immediately questioned if the show was taken off the air. 

  • “What is happening?”
  • “Is the show done for a while?”
  • “Did I miss somewhere in the last episode an announcement about a break or an off-season until episodes start airing again?”
  • “Noticed some repeat episodes. Probably off for summer break. They do it every year,”]
  •  “The Price is Right always takes the summer off. Season 53 will begin late September or early October.”
  • “The last new episode of the season was July 4,”

It was a good thing some of the other fans clarified that they were just taking a break from the show like they do every year. Some fans got worried there for a minute. However, the show is not over and there will be more to come later in the year. 

Drew Carey on The Price is Right
Drew Carey on The Price is Right | YouTube

It seems the reason there was not a new episode was due to the break they take every summer. Fans were nervous at first. However, they realized they take a break every year and this was just another one of those. People are happy to hear that their favorite game show is not going away anytime soon. What do you think about this? Sound off in the comments below.

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