Big Pay-Out For Jim Bob When Jana Duggar Gets Married?

Jim Bob Duggar - Jana Duggar - Instagram

Counting On fans are pretty sure that Jana Duggar might be engaged to get married. Notably, they began to despair that would ever happen. And now, TLC viewers wonder if her dad, Jim Bob Duggar might be able to get some cash off a wedding.

TLC Alum Jana Duggar’s Engagement Rumors

A day ago, fans saw that Jana posted some photos of herself with her twin brother John David. His wife, Abbie Duggar featured as well. One of the photos revealed that she wore a ring on the correct finger for an engagement. Fortunately, more hints followed.

Jana Duggar, John David Duggar - Instagram
Jana Duggar, John David Duggar – Instagram

Over the years, some Counting On fans thought that Jana Duggar might be gay. Meanwhile, others speculated about her being courted by various men. In fact, one of them was Stephen Wissmann. Until now, the rumors all came to nothing. But, has Jim Bob Duggar finally found someone who is perfect for his daughter? There’s even a wedding registry in her name, and it seems as if she and Stephen might tie the knot in August.

Jim Bob Duggar Will Cash In On The Rumored Wedding?

Of course, fake wedding registrations exist. Nevertheless, TLC fans seem hopeful that the ring in the photo might confirm an engagement. Now, a Counting On fan on Reddit threw out the idea that Jim Bob Duggar might be able to take some money to the bank if a wedding happens.

Duggar family - Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar - YouTube
Duggar family – Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar – YouTube

Presuming a wedding rolls in soon for Jana Duggar, the OP said in part:

Lukewarm take – I feel like if Jana does get married some streaming service will be willing to pay JB for a special…think times have changed enough and there are enough niche streaming services out there producing pretty mediocre and somewhat controversial content that if you wanted to JB would be able to get someone to pay for a Jana wedding special…

Jim Bob Duggar, Jana Duggar Wedding Special - Reddit
Jim Bob Duggar, Jana Duggar Wedding Special – Reddit

They also argued that producing a special wouldn’t cost much. As Counting On was canceled after the conviction of Josh Duggar for CSAM content, some reality TV money might be welcome. Therefore, the poster noted, “If you’re a small streaming platform trying to get some notoriety or get a handful of subscribers who are going to forget to cancel their subscription I don’t think a Jana wedding special is a…bad idea…”

TLC Fans React

In the comments section, Counting On fans thought it might be worth tuning in to watch a special of Jana’s wedding. Here are some of their reactions:

  • If this does happen, we need to have a watch party/livestream snark fest.
  • I will bring bbq tuna, chicken etti, and ice cream!
  • Can I translate the invitations to Spanish? I want revenge, Jim Bob pissed on my language.
  • Hot Take — if Jana gets married, she should have the rights to sell her wedding pictures, video, etc. and JB shouldn’t get anything.
  • All Wise Daddy figure must call the shots or everything will fall to pieces. Without Daddy JB’s hovering presence, Jana would be deceived just like Eve…

[Credit: Instagram]
Jana Duggar – Stephen Wissman Rumors 2021 – Credit: Instagram]
What are your thoughts that if Jana Duggar marries, her dad, Jim Bob Duggar, might cash in? Maybe, he will find a streaming network to do a wedding special. Do you believe enough people might be interested in watching it? Shout out in the comments section, and remember to come back here often for all your Counting On news.

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