Nicolas Cage’s Son Arrested On Assault Charges Against Mom

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Nicolas Cage’s son, Weston Cage, has been arrested in Los Angeles. The arrest reports indicate he was taken in for an alleged assault against his mother, Christina Fulton. This came weeks after the news broke that the two had an incident where she was trying to help him during a mental health crisis.

Here is what happened with Wes Cage and what is next in this case.

Nicolas Cage’s Son Wes Arrested For Assault

Nicolas Cage’s son, Weston Coppola Cage, was arrested on Wednesday in Los Angeles. This comes a few weeks after his mother, Christina Fulton, was seen badly bruised after an incident with him. Christina referred to it as a “mental health crisis.”

Nicholas Cage's son Wes | Instagram
Nicholas Cage’s son Wes | Instagram

The LAPD confirmed that Wes was arrested for “assault with a deadly weapon.” He was arrested by the LAPD’s 77th Division. According to reports, Wes was released on a $150,000 bail. It is believed that Nicolas Cage bailed his son out of jail. “The family knew this was going to happen but needless to say, it is a very big shock,” a source said (via¬†U.S. Sun).

The source also said the arrest was for an assault that took place with his mother in April. Christina also released a statement about the incident, which she calls “horrific.” She said that several of Wes’ friends reached out to her because he was experiencing a “mental-health crisis.” Furthermore, she arrived and acted “swiftly” to help her son.

He said that when she approached her son, he was ” in a state of a mental health breakdown, which in turn became a horrific experience.” She said she has always helped him during his mental health struggles and will keep getting him the support he needs.

The LAPD arrested him based on a battery report taken at the time of the incident. While Wes’ mother claims it is his mental health that he needs help with, an arrest warrant was placed anyway to take him to jail instead.

This Isn’t Weston Cage’s First Arrest

One of the problems with Nicolas Cage’s son getting the help he needs and instead going to jail might come from his past legal struggles. This wasn’t the first time Wes had been arrested.

In 2017, Wes was arrested for a DUI and a hit-and-run. Wes was 26 at the time and hit several signs, parked cars, and mailboxes before he crashed into a tree. He then tried to run on foot after the incident. Finally, he was arrested, charged with a DUI, and given a $30,000 bond.

Weston was also charged with domestic violence in 2011 in an incident with his now ex-wife, Nikki Williams.

What are your thoughts on Weston Cage’s arrest? Do you feel he should be getting mental health help right now, or was jail the right place for him? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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