‘Love After Lockup’ Kurtis King Allegedly Arrested For Murder?

Kevin Hale, Tiffany, Kurtis King-YouTube

Has former Love After Lockup star Kurtis King been arrested for murder? He went up against Kevin Hale as they were both in love with a woman named Tiffany. Things went awry when both men appeared to pick up Tiffany. Kurtis and Kevin soon went at it and since then, Kurtis has faced some legal issues but is he in the worst situation yet? Keep reading for more details.

Love After Lockup Kurtis King Allegedly Arrested For Murder?

Kurtis King left his mark when he went to pick up Tiffany on Love After Lockup. Little did he know that the man she had been talking to for some time would be there as well. That man was Kevin Hale and that led to a heated confrontation between the two guys. Tiffany claimed that she did not want them to fight over her or get so aggressive but it still did not end well. In the end, she was with Kevin but they had too many struggles to keep going so they just eventually ended it.

Kurtis King-YouTube
Kurtis King-YouTube

As for Kurtis, it seemed that he kept getting in trouble. After he was on the show, he was arrested and spent 23 days behind bars. He then went on to be arrested for drugs repeatedly and now, it seems that he has been arrested for murder. @merrypants was the first to break the news as it was unclear if it was Kurtis from the show or not. It seems that Kevin Hale had sent them the news article about a man named Kurtis who got into a knife fight that turned tragic.


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Now, it has been confirmed that it was the former Love After Lockup star and he has been charged with murder. This carries a sentence of 5 to 99 years or even life. Yet, there is a possibility for parole after thirty years. Along with the knife fight, Kurtis supposedly ran over the man with his car after they fought on Friday, July 5th. Ellis Latavion Laron Smith, 35, was the victim of blunt trauma to his head.

Fans Are Repulsed

After reading what went down, Love After Lockup fans are repulsed at Kurtis King’s actions. How could he do this to anyone let alone a father to nine children? Immediately, they headed to the comment section to share their thoughts:

  • Wow, so sad for the victim and his family. All these hot heads running around, not caring about the consequences of their actions.
  • Wowwww crazy he did seem a bit unhinged lately she definitely dodged that one because whew he was obviously not making good choices which led him to living in his truck etc
  • WEENIE ANTICS!!! RIP to the victim

It also seems like they both pulled knives. However, Kurtis took it to another level by running over the victim. Now, the kids are left with no father and his partner is left to pick up the pieces. Are you shocked by this news? Or, could you tell he was a loose canon all along? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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