‘Love After Lockup’ Derek Files Cruel Restraining Order Against Monique

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Love After Lockup star Derek Warner filed a cruel restraining order against his former fiancee, Monique Robinson. The couple had problems all along as he was never faithful and she did not get along with his family. Now, he wants an order of protection but he added one small detail that was quite vicious. Keep reading for more details.

Love After Lockup Derek Files Cruel Restraining Order Against Monique

Derek Warner and Monique Robinson never made sense on Love After Lockup. She had spent many years worried about her weight and she was scared Derek would not accept her. Furthermore, his family wanted to pick him up when he was released from prison but so did Monique. That caused a huge throwdown and there was a long road to finding a common ground. Derek’s sisters hated Monique and she did not trust him, eventually learning he was a cheater.

Derek Warner, Monique Robinson-Instagram
Derek Warner, Monique Robinson-Instagram

However, it must have not mattered much to Monique, who spent an infinite amount of money on her man because they ended up engaged. He wanted her to know that she was the one no matter how many other ladies he had been with. Then, he got arrested again but Monique was waiting right outside for him. As of September 2023, it appeared he had moved on but now, he is back to dealing with Monique. According to @merrypants, Derek filed an order of protection against Monique Robinson. He stated that she had access to firearms so caution should be exercised.

Derek Warner- @merrypants Instagram
Derek Warner- @merrypants Instagram

However, he moved in a cruel manner when he had to list his former Love After Lockup fiancee’s weight. Derek Warner claimed that Monique weighed 500 pounds. Yet, he did say she was 5’9 so at least he gave her some height. So, what did fans say after seeing this?

  • I don’t think he lied… the girl had to use a seatbelt extension…
  • No lie though she probably at least 400
  • He’s pint size petty for that. He was climbing all over those 500lbs when he had it. They’re both gross people.
  • Not 500lbs. 😂😂

Monique Is Doing Fine

There is no explanation for why Derek Warner filed a restraining order against Monique Robinson. However, Monique seems to be doing just fine and the Love After Lockup alum is even on a weight loss journey. She just showcased it on her Instagram:


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She showcased her transformation from February to June 2024. Clearly, she has been working hard on herself but something went awry with Derek. Do you think it was shady of him to call out her weight like that? More so, why do you think he filed a restraining order against her? Let us know in the comments below.

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