Kim Kardashian Top Pick As New Vanna White On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’

Vanna White and Kim Kardashian - YouTube - Wheel Of Fortune - The View

In some ways, it seems like Wheel Of Fortune co-host, Vanna White, is second-guessing her decision to stay on with her new co-host, Ryan Seacrest. While she initially didn’t want to retire because she still feels good working, now the chemistry between her and Ryan Seacrest has been in question, making her consider the alternative. Since she is feeling the tension the network is looking at who they will bring on as the new “Vanna White.” Among the choices, Kim Kardashian is currently topping the list.

Vanna White Is Considering Leaving

Although Vanna White has signed with Wheel Of Fortune until 2026, now she is getting a taste of the stress that comes with training a new host. Insider sources have revealed that the chemistry between Vanna and Ryan Seacrest doesn’t “jibe.” With the looming discussion of Vanna possibly retiring, the network is in search of their next “Vanna.” According to Life & Style, since the rhythm isn’t flowing on set, it is time to see who could fill her shoes. Among the letter-turning candidates is The Kardashians star and Ryan’s good friend, Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian | Youtube
Kim Kardashian | Youtube

Kim Kardashian Is The Top Pick As New Vanna White On Wheel Of Fortune

Reportedly, Kim Kardashian is currently topping the list of possible new letter-turners. An insider says, “They’ve compiled a list of folks to replace Vanna, and Kim Kardashian is at the top.” Furthermore, they believe it could be a strategic move to pull in new viewership. Saying, “Kim is a very close friend of Ryan’s and would bring a whole new audience.” Undoubtedly, ratings are always on their mind. Then, they give information about Ryan Seacrest’s vision for Wheel Of Fortune. Saying, “Ryan wants to make the show younger and sexier. He’s responsible for the Kardashian reality show and believes in that family more than anyone!”

Vanna White and Ryan Seacrest - YouTube/Wheel Of Fortune (1)
Vanna White and Ryan Seacrest training for the new season – Wheel Of Fortune

Kim Kardashian Will Entertain The Idea

While Vanna White, 67, truly was hoping to continue on Wheel Of Fortune, the new direction is wearing on her. Additionally, the source says, “After Pat quit, Vanna was optimistic about working with Ryan, but they have zero chemistry and no vibe.” Admittedly, the age difference is playing a role in Vanna’s thought process as well. The insider continues about Ryan Seacrest, 49, saying, “Plus, she could be his mother!” Currently, the Life & Style source says they haven’t made a formal offer to Kim Kardashian. However, Kim’s circle thinks The Kardashians star would entertain the idea.

What do you think about Kim Kardashian taking over for Vanna White? Do you think she would be a good option? Are you looking forward to Ryan Seacrest taking on the hosting of Wheel Of Fortune?

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  1. Oh God, I could never watch the show again!!!! Who wants to watch her fat ass walk across the stage every night?!

  2. where do you get your information you the people that watch wheel will stick around and watch these two get real .

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