Katie Maloney Lets Fans Know About Her Current Dating Life

Katie Maloney

Katie Maloney has opened up to fans about her current dating life. Fans have been dying to know if she is currently dating someone or not. Well, she revealed it all. Katie is currently on her way to Fiji to hang out with Ariana Madix while she is filming Love Island USA. So, there are a lot of eventful things going on for her right now. Especially with opening a sandwich shop. Keep reading to find out more.

Does She Care About Tom Schwartz’s Dating Life?

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney were married for years. However, in 2022 Katie filed for divorce. This was hard for both of them. However, they realized this was the best thing for them in the end. Tom currently has a new girlfriend. Sophia Skoro. Fans have been dying to know if this bothers Katie at all. However, she let people know that Sophia was the name of her American Girl Doll. Then went on to say:

“Now it’s kind of like, I don’t care what you do, I know people want to ask me about like, Tom’s new girlfriend, I’m like, ‘great.’. I’m just not affected by if he’s dating someone, or who it is, or, you know, if it happened to be one of my friends, it might be a little weird, but, at this point, I think I could handle it.”

Katie Maloney-YouTube
Katie Maloney-YouTube

Katie Maloney Reveals Her Current Dating Life

People have been dying to know if Katie has a dating life of her own. Well, she revealed it all. 

“Unless someone’s really down to be serious about stuff, I don’t really want to date, if someone wants to date me, they have to prove that they deserve a place in my life. I mean at this point, because I was sort of casually dating around so much, and then I was like, OK, I think I’m much more emotionally available than I realized, so I was getting hurt a bit.”

Fans want her to find love and be happy. She is just waiting for the perfect person to come into her life. People do not blame her for not trying to date someone if it is not going to be serious. Katie does not want to fool around.

Katie Maloney
Katie Maloney

It seems that Katie is not opposed to meeting someone. However, she is not purposely looking. She does not want to play any games. Katie admitted that she is ready for something serious. Fans hope she can find someone who makes her happy. She has never dated anyone seriously since her divorce. However, she is open to getting to that point. What do you think about her dating life? Sound off in the comments below.

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