‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Defends His Assumed ‘Wrong’ Answer

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Jeopardy! fans can often be sticklers for the rules and often like to complain online when something happens that they think is a bending of those rules. That happened this week on Jeopardy! when one player got a right answer that many fans felt should have been counted wrong. However, that player has fired back at his critics.

Here is what happened and what the player said in response.

Jeopardy! Player Bashed For Mispronunciation

This week on Jeopardy!, there was a contestant named Karan Menon. He is a data scientist originally from Edison, New Jersey. Isaac Hirsch won again for his fourth win in a row (and one day before his fifth win and an invitation to the Tournament of Champions. However, fans were still not happy about one of Karan’s answers.

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Karan came in second place with $10,001, but one of his answers had fans seething. The clue read, “Cape Maclear is on the shores of this lake in Southern Africa that also begins with M.” Karan buzzed in and said, “What is Lake Malavi.”

There is one problem. The answer was, “What is Lake Malawi.” Many fans feel he was technically wrong because he mispronounced the letter at the end.

  • “Did Karan get away with saying ‘Lake Malavi’ on that $2,000 CAPES clue?”
  • “A V-like sound would’ve been the original pronunciation, though the W sound is pretty much universally used now.”
  • “I think Karan is Indian, and Indian accents tend to pronounce W as V in some words, so I think it’s acceptable?”

However, Karan then responded himself. “I was born in America but first learned English in an Indian accent and often code switch. So it’s very common for me to mix my v and w pronunciation. What matters is they got what I was trying to say.”

Isaac Hirsch Rolls On In Jeopardy! Competition

Despite Karan getting his Jeopardy! question correct thanks to his accent, he still lost to Isaac Hirsch. Not only that, but Isaac only needed one more win to get his automatic Tournament of Champions invite, which he did on Tuesday when he won his fifth game in a row.

Isaac Hirsch on Jeopardy! | YouTube
Isaac Hirsch on Jeopardy! | YouTube

This puts him on the list of Tournament of Champions invitees so far, which includes six names. They include Celebrity Jeopardy! champion Lisa Ann Walter, 15-game winner Adriana Harmeyer, 7-game winner Drew Basile, and 5-game winners Alison Betts and Amy Hummel. Of those players, Isaac ranks third in total winnings.

Are you enjoying the great play on Jeopardy! so far this season? What are your thoughts on the controversial answer by Karan? Do you enjoy following Isaac as the new champion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. This is a bunch of crap. These issues keep happening with ken jennings as host! Theses issues did not seem to happen as often with Alex Trebek hosting. GET A NEW HOST!!!!

  2. I think Ken Jennings needs to resign before I start watching again. He has been an active participant helping some and hurting other candidates so I wonder if he is being asked by management to stir controversy to increase ratings. Probably due to managements bias against winners and the dominance of women this season.

  3. Jeopardy obviously needs a new host and new judging. Ken Jennings has been a disappointment from the beginning nor is he respecting the historical integrity of Jeopardy. He needs to take his millions and quietly step out of public life. Jeopardy execs need to take aloooong look at their intentions and history. I quit watching when KJ ran rampant.

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