Hallmark’s ‘A Very Vermont Christmas’ Stars Katie Leclerc & Ryan McPartlin

Photo: Katie Leclerc, Ryan McPartlin Credit: ©2024 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Courtesy Off Camera Entertainment

Hallmark’s Christmas In July is premiering A Very Vermont Christmas. This stars Katie Leclerc and Ryan McPartlin, who is also the executive producer of the holiday film. “A local champion skier and Vermont brew master teams up with an unlikely match to create a seasonal microbrew in order to shave her family’s business by Christmas.”

Here is more about this new holiday movie.

Photo: Ryan McPartlin, Katie Leclerc   Credit: ©2024 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Courtesy Off Camera Entertainment
Photo: Ryan McPartlin, Katie Leclerc Credit: ©2024 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Courtesy Off Camera Entertainment

What Is A Very Vermont Christmas About?

Katie Leclerc and Ryan McPartlin “brew the perfect recipe” in the latest Hallmark holiday movie, A Very Vermont Christmas. What is this movie about? According to the official synopsis, Joy has returned to her Vermont ski town. It is Christmastime, and things should be bright. However, the former championship skier has returned home to help out her mom, Mary. Ever since her father passed away, the family’s ski pup Mogul Joes has struggled. They cannot pay their bills. Will they survive til Christmas?

However, Joy, who is a beginning brewmaster, learns of an opportunity. Her ex-boyfriend Greg tells them about a Brew-Ski competition. This will be held at his revival business, Frosty’s. Now, Mary and Joy have one goal. They want to win the competition so they can pay off their bills. They need this to be successful and call it their Christmas miracle.

Coincidentally, while skiing, a cute guy crashes into her. He may not be able to stop on his skis, but he knows a lot about microbrews. His name is Zac and he works for Scholz Beer, who just happens to be Frosty’s beer distributor. Joy sees an opportunity. She offers Zac ski lessons. In return, he will help her create a seasonal microbrew.

Their creation is called Hoppy Holiday IPA and this is perfect for the Brew-Ski competition. Best of all, the IPA is a huge hit. Everyone is hanging out at Mogul Joes for the delicious brew, and their money woes lesson. In addition, things start to get cozy between Joy and Zac. They are having fun and she finds a connection with him.

But, something upsetting happens. Frosty’s has a new brew that tastes just like the Hoppy Holiday IPA. Did Zac share the recipe with her ex-boyfriend? Now, Joy has to get to the bottom of things. She has until Christmas Eve to find out who stole her recipe. Perhaps she will also find love along the way.

When Is The Premiere Of Hallmark’s A Very Vermont Christmas?

The premiere of Hallmark’s A Very Vermont Christmas is on Saturday, July 20, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on the Hallmark Channel. In addition, this holiday movie will be available on Peacock up to 72 hours after the premiere.

Hallmark Christmas In July fans, how do you watch your holiday fare during the hottest time of the year? Do you still wear your Christmas sweater and sip on hot chocolate, or do you have other traditions?

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