‘General Hospital’ Kelly Monaco Shares Rare Pic With Tony Geary

Kelly Monaco/Credit: 'General Hospital' YouTube

Kelly Monaco took to social media to share a rare glimpse of her former General Hospital co-star Tony Geary. Stay on this page to see the unexpected reunion.

Could Luke Come Back Now That Lucky Is Returning?

General Hospital fans have been begging the soap to bring back the Spencer family for years. Sure, Laura is still in Port Charles. But she’s now married to Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) and mayor of the small fictional Upstate New York town.

Luke and Laura’s daughter Lulu has been in a coma since 2020. Their son, Lucky, has been off-screen for years. But news broke last month that Jonathan Jackson, who originated Lucky in 1993, is heading back to the soap opera.

Details on how the show plans to bring Lucky back onto the scene haven’t been revealed. But the actor said reuniting with his on-screen parents was part of the reason he said yes to coming back.

But Luke Spencer was killed off in 2022. Tony Geary, who played the role since 1978, retired from acting in 2015. He did briefly return to the ABC soap in 2017.

Tony Geary/Credit: 'General Hospital' YouTube
Tony Geary/Credit: ‘General Hospital’ YouTube

So, it’s unlikely but always possible that Luke Spencer could return at some point.

Kelly Monaco Shares Rare Pic With Tony Geary

Tony Geary was such a charismatic actor that General Hospital had to reframe the time Luke raped Laura into a seduction. The show finally addressed what really happened nearly 20 years later after Lucky found out the truth.

The legendary actor is sorely missed by legions of soap fans. His GH co-star Kelly Monaco (Sam) took to her Instagram to share a rare pic with Tony Geary, who doesn’t seem to have any social media accounts.

Kelly Monaco rarely posts on her Instagram, so her reunion with him was a huge treat for her followers. The actress revealed that she met up with her former co-star in Amsterdam, where he moved full-time after retiring.


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This isn’t the first time she’s traveled overseas to reunite with Tony Geary. She tweeted in 2012 that she was traveling to Amsterdam to see him.

The reaction to Kelly’s post was huge. Maurice Benard, who plays Sonny on the sudser wrote, “I love you both.” Kimberly McCullough, who played Robin, wrote, “Legends!!!” in the comments.

Check out some of the other reactions to the unexpected reunion:

  • Bring Luke back!!!!!
  • The legend himself
  • Awwwww!! Love it! I’ll always miss him on GH!! Hugs
  • This is such a beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing. Always love Tony and wondered what was going on with him. He’s still as handsome as ever.
  • The Legend Lucas Lorenzo Spencer

Do you want to see Tony Geary back on General Hospital? Let us know your thoughts on his reunion with Kelly Monaco.

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  1. I don’t see Tony Geary coming out of retirement. He’s enjoying himself. Pleeeease bring Lulu back! She’s been gone long enough. I’m not a fan of Sam & Dante. They just don’t work as a couple for me. Dante & Lulu have always been a favorite… think back to when the irrepressible Dante chased after Lulu. So much charm. Yes, I’d love to see them lure Julie Berman back… offer her $$, a daycare center for her kids, less hours… the 2 of them were lightening in a bottle. I like Emme Rylan too… just not as much as Julie. Laura needs some family. Grateful Lucky is coming back. Laura’s lost Nicholas to prison, Spencer to the waters (maybe we’ll get a new one), and Lulu to a coma… like she was in. It’s. Time. Maxie needs her friend back. We need Lulu, so she can come care for her kids and reignite the relationship with Dante. It will take awhile to reunite them… but it would be nice. It’d be nice if Lulu could expose Valentin.

  2. Bringing back Julie Berman would be fantastic, but these writers are getting rid of a growing list of actors we absolutely loved. I’m happy that Laura will be getting a son back (hopefully he will join the dwindled PD in some action. Can we bring back a few doctors please?!!

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