‘Family Feud’ Steve Harvey Shocked At ‘Gross’ Answer

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Steve Harvey often shows his surprise, disgust, or shock at many Family Feud answers. Whether he is really shocked or faking it, as he might already know the answers, it provides for some fun television moments. However, his reaction this week for an answer really seemed a little more like disgust than his normal funny expressions.

Here is the Family Feud answer that left Steve Harvey speechless this week.

Steve Harvey Surprised At ‘Gross’ Family Feud Answer

Steve Harvey has a lot of fun expressions when people make weird or inappropriate Family Feud answers. He is often even more shocked when one of their crazy answers ends up on the big board. However, a recent question wasn’t really inappropriate or shocking. It was just gross.

Steve Harvey - Family Feud
Steve Harvey – Family Feud

The Family Feud question was, “Name something a delivery boy might do to your pizza if you never tip him.” The Terrell family got the first three answers right, but there were still three more that they couldn’t guess. They guessed correctly: “Spin On/Lick In,” “Drop It,” and “Eat It.” This led Steve to reveal the other answers.

However, the first to pop up on the board in the No. 6 spot was “Fart On It.” Steve just stared at the answer and said, “Wow,” and the audience didn’t seem sure how to react as well. He then looked at it a little longer before moving on with the game.

Steve Often Shows Shock At Some Family Feud Answers

Last week on Family Feud, one contestant was asked, “Name a place you’ve made love and felt guilty about it.”  The first man said, “In the room with the kids, they were sleeping.” Steve was shocked and said it would be better to take the “X.” However, the answer was on the board.

Steve Harvey - Family Feud
Steve Harvey – Family Feud

Another answer last week had many fans shaking their heads. It was a Fourth of July question about what people eat the most on the holiday. When someone guessed “Hot dogs,” the answer on the board popped up as “Plump Weiners.” Family Feud fans didn’t like that wording at all.

Another question seemed to throw everyone off. Steve asked, “What might a dumb guy buy from a hardware store for a do-it-yourself vasectomy?” There were some weird answers. One guy said a “scalpel,” which is not something hardware stores sell. They got the answer right when it was deemed the same as “Knife/Blades.”

Another had no chance when one man said, “A watch.” It is unclear why he thought hardware stores sold watches, and even more unclear how it would help with a vasectomy. By this time, Steve Harvey just wanted to go home.

What are your thoughts on the recent Family Feud questions? Do you feel they are getting out of control? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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