Do Friends Of Ariana Madix Think She Should Return To ‘VPR’?

Ariana Madix

A friend of Ariana Madix has revealed if they think she should return to Vanderpump Rules Season 12 or not. Ariana has been through a lot within the last year. However, she has also gained a lot of great opportunities. She seems to be living her best life right now. However, could Vanderpump Rules ruin that for her? Keep reading to find out what her friend thinks.

Ariana Madix Has Gone Through A Lot

Ariana Madix has been through a lot in the last year. She was with Tom Sandoval for nearly a decade. However, he cheated on her with Rachel Leviss. This blew up reality TV. Tom Sandoval is still one of the most hated men on reality television. She also got called out by her cast mates when she walked out on the finale. They showed her the clip of Lala Kent bashing her at the reunion. However, she has also gained some amazing opportunities. She was on Dancing With The Stars and she is currently hosting Love Island USA. This has been a year full of ups and downs for her.

Ariana Madix-YouTube
Ariana Madix-YouTube

Does Her Friend Think She Should Return?

Brad Kearns is one of Ariana’s closest friends. He was doing a Q&A on Instagram when he was asked if he thinks Ariana should return to VPR or not. He replied:


He also had a video of Tamara Judge screaming:

“That’s my opinion”

So, some of her closest friends do not think the show is good for her. It seems that it tore down her mental health quite a bit last season. However, if Ariana wants to return to the show, she will. They are not filming right now so there is still time for her to figure that out. If she does return, fans are hoping to see more of her relationship with Daniel Wai. They want to see her in a loving relationship for the first time on the show. What do you think?

Ariana Madix Love Island USA
Ariana Madix Love Island USA

It seems that her close friend does not think she should return to the show. However, everyone knows that Ariana will do whatever she thinks is best for herself. They are not currently filming Season 12 as they took a break. However, some fans think that there is nothing left for the show after Season 10. Do you think she should return? Do you think the show has run its course? Sound off in the comments below.

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