Daisy Kent Opens Up About The Time She Almost Died

Daisy Kent

Daisy Kent has opened up to fans about the time she almost died due to a sickness. Daisy has always tried to spread awareness for the illnesses she has had. She has done just that. She was a little nervous about speaking about it on The Bachelor. However, she wanted to let people know they were not alone, and that it was okay to talk about it. Keep reading to find out more.

Daisy Kent And Her Journey

Daisy Kent had an eventful journey on The Bachelor. She made it to the final two of Joey Graziadei’s season. However, he ended up picking Kelsey Anderson. During her time on the show, she told people about her time when she was sick. It resulted in her having to get a cochlear implant. However, she does not let that define her. She was nervous on the show because this was the first time she had dated anyone since getting the implant. Regardless, she stole America’s hearts.

Daisy Kent/Credit: YouTube
Daisy Kent/Credit: YouTube

The Time She Almost Died

Daisy revealed that she almost died due to meningitis. 

“I had this shocking pain going down my spine, I felt like knives were cutting into my back and down my neck, there was a point where they didn’t think I was gonna make it. I kept thinking ‘My siblings are never gonna know how much I love them. I’m never gonna get to do everything I wanted to do in my future,’ When I got home my little sister hugged me and she was like, ‘I thought you were gonna snap in half,’ I just lost so much weight so quickly and I could barely walk.”

This shocked fans because no one realized she was that sick. On the show, she talked about having to go overseas to get treatment. It was a bad time for her. However, she is doing much better now. Fans continue to follow her and her journey on her social media.

Daisy Kent/Credit: Daisy Kent Instagram
Daisy Kent/Credit: Daisy Kent Instagram

It seems that Daisy had a lot of health struggles growing up. However, she is healthy and happy now. She will not stop spreading awareness. Daisy has even written a children’s book so that deaf children can understand they are not alone. Fans love Daisy and everything she has done. Even though she did not win, they hope to see her again. What do you think about her story? Sound off in the comments below.

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