‘Claim To Fame’: Who Is Mackenzie’s Celebrity Relative?

Mackenzie Adkins-Instagram

Who is Mackenzie’s celebrity relative on Season 3 of Claim To Fame? The identities of three of the cast members have been revealed already. Two of them have been discovered via viewers while one was sent home through a wrong guess. Now, fans have figured out who Mackenzie is related to. So, who is it? Keep reading for more details.

Claim To Fame: Who Is Mackenzie’s Celebrity Relative?

Before the new season of Claim To Fame even started, fans saw Mackenzie and thought she looked like Julia Stiles. Her clues were that her celebrity relative was her father, they were best known for being a singer, and they had a Tony. She immediately debunked the last one and said no one had any Broadway talent in her family. So, that took away Julia Stiles from the equation. This left questions as to who she could possibly be related to now as Hud and Dedrick have been figured out. Plus, Bianca was sent home in week one.

Mackenzie Adkins-YouTube
Mackenzie Adkins-YouTube

It turns out that Mackenzie’s father is none other than country legend, Trace Adkins. She has been prominently featured on his Instagram account. Mackenzie and her sister, Trinity had gone to visit him and he shared it on his socials, which fans loved to see.


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  • You can tell the Trace is happy when any of his daughters are around, by his big smile! Ultimate Girl Dad 💖💖💖💖💖
  • ❤️this picture of you and your beautiful daughters

He even made sure his daughters got to meet Niall Horan when he was a coach on The Voice and thanked him profusely. The sixty-two-year-old singer and actor has five children and is on his third marriage. He won the All-Star Celebrity Apprentice in 2013 and is known for hits like “There’s a Girl in Texas,” and “Hot Mama.” Mackenzie was featured in the video for his single “More.” Now, she is paving her own path on Claim To Fame and is safe for this week which is a major achievement.

More About Mackenzie

It is hard to tell if Mackenzie Adkins will get figured out or if she can stay under the radar. Right now, all eyes are on Miguel and who he is related to. As for what she does when she is not on television, she appears to promote different companies on her social media. Additionally, she likes adventures and to have fun so this may be the best place for her in the long run.

Are you shocked that Mackenzie is Trace Adkins’ daughter or did you have that figured out all along? Let us know and watch Claim To Fame Wednesdays on ABC and streaming on Hulu.

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