‘Claim To Fame’: Who Is Hud’s Celebrity Relative?

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Claim To Fame Season 3 is here and the contestants are starting to reveal themselves. So, who is Hud’s celebrity relative? It appears that this is not his first go-round on a reality show which has helped give him away. Keep reading for more details.

Claim To Fame: Who Is Hud’s Celebrity Relative?

The cast of Claim To Fame Season 3 is leaving fans speechless. Literally, they are so hard to figure out with two truths and one lie. There are a lot of suspicions and speculations emerging as the show goes on. Prior to the show starting, the identity of Dedrick was all but confirmed. Yet, people are still guessing and they are way off base. Now, viewers have met Hud. He claimed his celebrity relative was his mom, that they won a Grammy, and was known for being a singer. The lie is that his celeb relative is his mom when it is actually his father.

Hudson Mellencamp-Instagram
Hudson Mellencamp-Instagram

Hud is actually Hudson Mellencamp and his celebrity relative is John Mellencamp. He has won one Grammy and is an amazing singer. One person recognized Hud from a time when he was on Vanderpump Rules. Keep in mind that his sister, Teddi Mellencamp was good friends with Lisa Vanderpump. They were both on RHOBH and she wanted to help Hud get a job at TomTom.

So, what does Hud do when he is not on the show? He has his own whiskey company and clearly no longer works at TomTom. More so, he is not following in his father’s footsteps with singing but he does have four other siblings and is much more like his sister, Teddi. That is because he is in the reality television realm plus he is an entrepreneur. His social media features his whiskey brand plus his other siblings as well as his grandfather. John, on the other hand, is known for hits like “Jack and Diane,” “Cherry Bomb,” and “Hurts So Good.”

Will He Be Found Out?

This week, Hud is safe so it does not appear that he is at risk or will be found out. So, he will still get to stay in the game and play. However, the viewers at home are no longer trying to figure out who he is, at least some of them. For the time being, he can enjoy his safety and get to know the people in the house, guessing who they are related to.

Did you have any idea that Hud was John Mellencamp’s son? More so, are you shocked or not so much? Finally, what do you think of this season of Claim To Fame? Let us know and watch the show Wednesdays on ABC and streaming on Hulu.

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