‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Returning 2025

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Bachelor in Paradise is finally returning but unfortunately for diehard fans, they will have to wait one more summer. The show is set to come back in 2025 which was almost predicted and expected. So, what is the current reaction to this announcement? Keep reading for more details.

Bachelor In Paradise Returning 2025

The Bachelorette just began airing with Jenn Tran and The Golden Bachelorette is filming with Joan Vassos. Clearly, Bachelor Nation has a lot going on but the big question was about Bachelor in Paradise. The spinoff, which takes place on an exotic island, has aired every summer since 2014. It took 2020 off for good reason as the pandemic was shutting all of the world down and no one knew if they could get in or out. Many relationships have failed from the series so it makes it hard to keep coming back. Though other spinoffs were getting greenlit, that one was not for 2024.

Bachelor In Paradise' Logo/ABC YouTube
Bachelor In Paradise Logo- YouTube

Then, host Wells Adams headed to Scotland for Season 3 of The Traitors. That seemed to solidify there would be no Season 10 this year. Now, it has finally been announced that BIP will be returning but not anytime soon. Sadly, it will be taking the 2024 season off and coming back for 2025. The announcement was made on the show’s official Facebook page on Wednesday, July 10th, 2024. In the sand, “2025” is written out:

Immediately, fans headed to the comment section to express how they felt regarding the wait. They were visibly not happy about the fact that Bachelor in Paradise was not airing this summer. The fact the wait was another year was a hard pill to swallow:

  • Did I miss some form of communication that bachelor in paradise 2024 was cancelled this year ?.Covid is no longer in a large enough volume to use as an excuse in order to justify legally not be able to produce in 2024 to be aired in NZ as usual.
  • No show this year???
  • IT IS BACK!!
  • Yay!!!! I’m just glad it’s not gone gone.

Welcome Joan

It seemed some were just grateful that Bachelor in Paradise was not canceled. However, others figured this was because of Joan Vassos. She will be the first-ever Golden Bachelorette and that begins on September 18th so this could interfere with BIP. Fans are going crazy for her after The Golden Bachelor and how well that did. Though the marriage between Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist did not last long at all, viewers were still very invested in the show. This is the same with Bachelor in Paradise.

Are you sad that the show is not going to be on in the summer or are you okay with waiting another year? Let us know in the comments below.

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